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Do You Want to Live Like a Rock Star? Frank Zappa’s Former Home Is for Sale

Frank Zappa never sold out, but if you want to own a piece of the legend, you can buy his old home in Los Angeles, California.

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Frank Zappa’s Laurel Canyon Hideaway

Even during the freewheeling 1970s, Frank Zappa was an oddity. Despite his long hair and colorful clothes, he was often philosophically at odds with his contemporaries. To some, his music seems pretentious or self-important. To fans, he was an uncompromising genius, a man ahead of his time, as much a brilliant composer as a flamboyant rock star. Either way, Frank Zappa is a music legend – the likes of which will never be replicated.


Regardless of your opinion of Frank Zappa’s music, there’s no denying the appeal of his former home in Laurel Canyon. It’s an artist’s retreat par excellence, and for fans, the on-site studio has the added distinction of being the birthplace of many of Zappa’s masterpieces. Let’s take the full tour, shall we?

Plenty of Room to Rock


With more than 6,000 square feet of living space, this estate will give you lots of space for, well, whatever crazy hijinks you can dream up. It’s an ideal residence for the consummate entertainer, as there are plenty of roomy gathering spaces. But it’s also perfect for the more introspective homebuyer. There are quiet, intimate nooks throughout the house, ideal hideaways for curling up with a favorite book or working out song lyrics.


Feeling creative? There are plenty of ways for you to express yourself here. There’s the professional-grade recording studio, once known as the Infamous Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, which is equipped with 2-inch tape machines, vocal booths, a drum room, and a hangout space for your entourage to keep themselves entertained while you’re busy tracking your next single.


There’s also a double-height, parquet-floored art gallery with ample wall space for showcasing your art collection or your original works. And don’t worry about keeping your private archives safe – there’s an underground vault where Frank used to keep his master tapes and other important possessions.

Tour the Grounds


Green thumbs will love the lush garden with its hand-laid mosaics and artful terraces. A greenhouse, a swimmer’s pool, a rooftop tennis court, and a private garden complete the complement of outdoor amenities.

Follow Your Muse


Unique touches are everywhere in this home, including intricate mosaics, porthole windows, unique spiral staircases, salvaged submarine doors, and a hand painted dragon mural in the formal dining room. One thing is certain – it’s an inspiring space that will get your creative juices flowing.

Space for the Whole Band


Expecting guests? This Tudor Revival-style estate features six bedrooms, seven baths, 6,795 square feet of living space, and two stylishly designed detached guest houses for visiting VIPs. There’s no need for the band to sleep in the tour bus here. Even the roadies can enjoy some R&R.

Get It While It Lasts

Aside from its celebrity pedigree, this home is quite appealing for the creative house hunter with a generous budget. Then again, it’s also an excellent opportunity for a developer looking for a place to build a new luxury home. Will you save this piece of rock and roll history from the wrecking ball or wipe it clean and start over again? If you have $5.5 million to spare, the choice is yours.

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