Live Like Royalty at Adams Castle

by Jamey MortonJuly 7, 2016

The Medieval Mansion of Motor City

A long time ago in the magical land of Detroit, Michigan, there was a battle of mythical proportions. This war was not waged with swords and armor, but with wealth. Back in the gilded age, magnates and magnificos were in competition to see which of them could build a home to outdo all the rest. And 900 Adams Castle Drive was certainly a contender.

This treasured landmark sits on 2.2 acres of prime Bloomfield Hills real estate. The affluent enclave is a mere 30 minutes from downtown Detroit, but it feels a world away. Residents here enjoy the highest average income in the state, the schools are highly rated, and the streets are lined with stunning mansions.

But none are more impressive than this. It’s a breathtaking French Normandy-style castle, built for more than $1 million in 1928 money. To put that into perspective, that’s more than $13 million in today’s dollars.
And yet, it’s on the market for a mere $3.5 million. Sure, you could buy a more recently built mansion for that much, but it simply wouldn’t compare to the opulence on display here. In fact, the craftsmanship and quality of materials on display simply doesn’t exist anymore.

Rich details are everywhere, including marble floors, gold leaf, stained glass windows, and hand-painted canvas walls. The formal living room has a fresco ceiling and there are ponds, fountains, baths, and floors bedecked in coveted Pewabic Pottery tiles.

Yes, But Is It Defensible?

“Sure, it’s grand,” you might be thinking to yourself, “but can it be defended from marauders?” We asked a wizened old general, and he’s told us that a military stronghold could indeed be established here.

The compound is situated at the end of Adams Castle Drive, so there’s only one way in. Guards could be stationed along the roadway and at the iron gate, and one could certainly position a trebuchet in the middle of the circular drive.

Where Will the Soldiers Sleep?

A prize this rich will take plenty of troops to defend it. Thankfully, this home boasts 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The especially rowdy ones can stay in the carriage house. Of course, you’ll want to save the secluded master bedroom for yourself. Defending an empire is hard work, and you deserve a sanctuary where you can get away from all of the ruckus.

And if you decide to forge an alliance with a neighboring kingdom via marriage, you’ll be happy to know that the master suite features his and hers changing areas and restrooms.

The War Room

Actually, it’s a billiard room, complete with a full bar and a fireplace, but we’ve identified it as the best place in the castle for strategizing with trusted advisers. After the official counsel meeting is over, you can play pool with your chamberlains and chancellors, but they’ll probably let you win.

Expecting Guests?

From time to time, you may receive distinguished visitors from faraway lands. Not to worry – this castle is well equipped to handle even the most rollicking jubilee. It’s said that the former owners were known to host 300 guests at a time, and there’s certainly no shortage of room for dancing.

The Time to Seize Power Is Now

Looking at modern-day Detroit, it may be hard to believe that it was once a world-class city – a metropolis on par with New York or Chicago. But it was. Recently, there’s been talk of the city rising from the ashes. Will it make a comeback? That remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: if it does, Adams Castle will be worth far more than the asking price of $3.5 million. This is your chance to lay claim to the throne. Do it while you still can.

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