5 DIY Garden Projects For Your Old Household Items

by Jessica ThiefelsAugust 1, 2016

Whether you live on 5 acres of sprawling countryside or in a high-rise urban studio, giving your garden a facelift just got easier — compliments of upcycling.

This new type of DIY crafting allows you to re-purpose worn-out objects into functional and ornamental pieces to display around the house. You can use jars, canisters or even old windows to bring new life to an already thriving garden.

So, go ahead, raid that long-forgotten storage closet and transform the contents into a garden oasis for your balcony, backyard or even windowsill. The following eco-friendly and cost-effective DIY ideas offer creative inspiration to get you started.

Planting herbs in a mason jarimage courtesy of PioneerSettler

1. Mason Jar Herb Planters

Grow organic basil, oregano, thyme and other flavor enhancers on the kitchen counter. Fill empty mason jars with potting soil or recycled compost, add your desired seed varieties, and organize the jars inside a decorative crate.

image courtesy of ArtsyVaVa

2. Cork & Flatware Markers

Remember which herbs are planted in each Mason jar with these unique and clever garden markers. Wrap twine around a fork handle, write the plant’s name on a used wine cork and insert it horizontally onto the fork prongs.

Using An Old Shutter to Mount Plantsimage courtesy of EmpireSidingAndWindows

3. Vertical Garden Shutters

Convert a weathered or discarded shutter into a hanging floral arrangement. Coat the surface with oil-based wood stain, attach flowerpots to each louvre with durable jute fiber, and mount your finished product onto an exterior wall.

Using an Old Tea Kettle for A Wind Chimeimage courtesy of TheWhoot

4. Tea Kettle Wind Chimes

Make this deceptively simple botanical decoration by transplanting already potted perennial blooms into a vintage teakettle. Fasten cutlery to its base with string for a wind chime effect and dangle the kettle from your patio ceiling or trellis.

Using Old Ladles to Hold Succulentsimage courtesy of DishfunctionalDesigns

5. Ladle Succulent Holders

Spruce up old soup ladles or similar cooking utensils with an indoor succulent garden. Pack soil firmly into the ladle’s basin, transplant small cacti, aloe vera and other succulents, and display them on a swag cable.

Are you a budding upcycler or “green thumb” enthusiast? Then, make these DIY creations part of your household decor, or share your own ideas in the comment section below.

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