Brent Spiner, Data From Star Trek, Puts His Mansion Up for Sale

by Sasha CarterAugust 9, 2016

Through the Looking Glass: Brent Spiner’s Mansion Is on the Market

Beloved Star Trek character, Lieutenant Commander Data, is unlike anyone or anything else to ever enter the Starfleet. Likewise, the actor who portrays Data, Brent Spiner, owns a mansion that is unlike its neighboring Point Dume Los Angeles residences — in fact, it’s a world apart.

Beam Me Up

Data proved his worth and value among his fellow officers through his programming and superhuman abilities. Spiner’s Malibu residence follows suit, proving to be an exemplary estate among its fellow neighborhood homes.
As you follow a long driveway, you’ll be transported, ensconced by lush grounds, rows of fruit trees, and glimpses of terraced gardens. Your journey to the home will lead you to an ochre Spanish revival home.

Seeking Out New Life

Climbing aboard this starship, you may suddenly discover similarities between you and Spiner’s character. When Data finally installed an emotion chip, he faced near-overload as a new world opened to him. As you glide through the plant-covered loggia from the garden to the home and open the doors to Spiner’s estate, you, like Data, may be overwhelmed.
Enter the two story Spanish-style mansion: your eyes will feast on high ceilings, sleek hardwood floors, and singular finishes in every nook and cranny. Absorb unfamiliar details, such as the beautifully tiled custom staircase or the recessed stone fireplace, and let the home take your breath away.

Where No Man Has Gone Before

The (wonderfully) overwhelming attention to detail continues as you wander through the home. High ceilings with dark wood beams hover above the formal living room and dining areas of the home; a lounge room adorned by quadruple French doors flows seamlessly into a gourmet kitchen with high-end appliances, large butcher block island and copper counter tops.
From each window, you peer out on vegetation so lush and vibrant, that you may feel the need to request a guide to this new universe.

Deep Space

Once you’ve found your bearings, head upstairs to soak in the luxury of the second floor. Process the magnificent ocean view seen from the private deck, adjacent to a high-end bath ensuite. Take a deep breath, then wander through the additional bedrooms, office, and lounge spaces.
Overlooking the property, you’ll see worlds collide as the lavish greenery continues in the backyard, complete with a waterfall pool and jacuzzi spa among ample seating for entertainment.

The Future

With a price tag of just under $11 million, you might pause to question what makes this home so unique (aside from its famous pedigree of course). In Star Trek, Spiner’s character shared, “I chose to believe that I was a person, that I had the potential to become more than a collection of circuits and sub-processors.”

This house, with a new owner, has the potential to become more than a beautiful structure of blocks and beams; it has the foundation to continue its legacy as an otherworldly escape — to become your own private space.

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