Floor to Ceiling Décor: 1,000 Styles for Every Room in the House

by Jamey MortonOctober 18, 2016

Are You Looking for a Home With a Ton of Style? What About a Ton of Styles?

When it comes to style, not everyone is created equal. For some folks, function is more important than form. Color schemes and décor take a backseat to livability, and they’re perfectly content with a living space that may not be worthy of a full-page magazine spread, but one that meets their needs in terms of creature comforts.

Other people have a bit more… panache. They prefer to live in homes that showcase their impeccable taste in home furnishings, their knowledge of color theory, or their keen sense of style.

Then, there are a few people who just have too much style. They dream big. They’re not willing to choose between classic and contemporary, between trompe l’oeil and typographical decals, between zebra skin and cheetah print. To them, the home is a canvas for their wildest décor fantasies, and they just have too many great ideas not to try them all.

Clearly, a member of the third group put this Reno home together. There’s a ton of amazing stuff here – maybe even too much. Prepare to be dazzled. Or bedazzle. We’re sure there are a few things here that could still use a good bedazzling.

Beyond this Gate Lies a Magical Land

From the street, 720 California Avenue in Reno, Nevada looks like a fairly normal luxury home. Built in 1930, it has a classic grandeur, an “Old Reno” style that makes it fit in quite well with the other stately homes in the neighborhood.

But the ornate gate with its golden leaves is only a hint of what’s to come.

The living room has a sort of whimsical hunting lodge vibe. We count two fake dogs, three stuffed birds, two attentive-looking taxidermy trophy heads, and three bowls of enticing but probably fake fruit. There’s also a love seat that looks to be patterned after antique Flow Blue china with a pillow that says “No Dogs On This Sofa,” just in case those fake dogs get any big ideas.

Check Out the Kitchen!

Let’s move on to the kitchen. Here, we find some actual blue china dishes mounted above a thoroughly modern kitchen sink, and flanked by some of the most ornate kitchen cabinetry we’ve ever seen. It looks like a ton of fun to dust.

Take a Seat at the Head of the Table

The formal dining room is definitely one of our favorites. Get a load of that psychedelic swirl wallpaper! The dining set features an antique table with four cheetah print chairs, and a high back orange velvet chair at the head of the table for the guest of honor.

Retire to the Formal Parlor

The parlor features a stunning antique buffet, three Persian rugs in a row, two mounted antelope heads (with wreaths), and a beautiful fireplace topped off with a frieze of some sort. There’s also an elaborate stereo system, and a doll of what looks to be Ms. Piggy in a wizard costume. And another fake dog.

Let’s Get Some Fresh Air

This home is situated on three quarters of an acre, and every inch of it is put to excellent use. Outside, there’s a koi pond, a waterfall, a fountain, and several courtyards, because one courtyard simply isn’t enough. And you certainly can’t complain about the views: from here, you can see the lights of the city and the majestic mountains.

Which Bedroom Would You Prefer?

This home features six bedrooms. Here are a few of our favorites.

One features a wall-to-wall bookshelf. There’s nothing like a good book before bed. There’s also a rather massive CRT television, an elegant four-poster bed, and the real standout feature: those stunning ceiling drapes.

Not into this bedroom? No worries: there’s another down the hall with random names emblazoned all over the ceiling, a painting of lions getting romantic over the bed, and a cozy-looking wood burning stove against the far wall.

Or, you could opt for the bedroom that has the same green and white ivy pattern on literally every surface that would accept it: the bed, the pillows, the tablecloth, the walls, the ceiling, the chair, and the closet door. Kiss me. I think I’m turning Irish.

But why settle for a guest room when you could sleep in the master bedroom? My what a masterful bedroom it is. Here, you’ll find mirrored ceilings, mirrored walls, a mirrored fireplace, and more blue velvet than you can shake a lint brush at. And look at that master bath! Here, you’ll find a pink toilet, a pink bathtub, and more mirrors (a lot more). Why you’d need to see every detail of your bathroom routine reflected in infinite regress is beyond us, but if that’s a necessity for you, this place has you covered.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

This is a pretty strange home, but it’s also its own kind of masterpiece. According to the listing, the former owner spent 40 years realizing this unique vision. It’s not what you’d call a unified aesthetic, but it is clear that whoever did this was committed to some serious, next-level interior decorating. They were way ahead of their time. Or maybe they were a time traveler; that would certainly explain a lot.

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