Home Remodels: Which Changes Are Worth the Cost

by Ben SanfordOctober 12, 2016

Getting the Most Return on Your Investment

You may be a first-time homeowner looking to add your sweat equity to your investment, or you may have lived in the same house your grandfather built at the turn of the last century; either way, the chances are pretty good that there’s something about your home you’d like to change.

It may be a bathroom or kitchen that needs updating, a basement that could use finishing, an add-on you need for your expanding family, or a new patio or deck. Regardless, you’d probably like to be able to recoup some or all of your costs in terms of equity.

Unfortunately, not all home improvement projects are created equal. Many can actually end up costing you money well beyond their ability to increase the eventual value of your home. Wouldn’t you rather be sure that the money you are spending on your building project would come back to you when you’re ready to sell?

If you’re looking for a quick way to track the projected return you can expect on your remodel, there are websites that track and aggregate data on common home improvement projects by region. And if you are looking for a quick guide to which remodeling projects are worth the cost, read on.
which home remodel projects are worth the cost remodeling

Exterior Improvements

Adding a deck, putting on new siding, and installing new windows may not be high on your list of “much needed” home improvements, but according to an article published by CBS News, exterior home improvements provide more return on your investment than any other home improvement project. In fact, replacing your front door with a new steel door can get you as much as ninety-seven percent of your money back when you get ready to sell your home.

Expanding Upward for Value

According to the same article, adding a second story or converting an attic space into bedrooms is another good use of your home improvement investment dollars. Depending on how your current attic space is accessed and whether or not it will need major work to convert, this type of remodel can yield as much as a seventy-two percent return on dollars invested, depending on where you live and the housing market.

Updating Your Kitchen

Kitchen updates are another great use of home improvement dollars. According to an article on the HGTV website, a properly executed and tasteful kitchen update can get you as much as seventy percent of your money back when it’s time to resell.

However, homeowners should keep in mind that top of the line appliances, while beautiful and a dream to use, are difficult to get your money back out of. Instead, aim for a kitchen update that utilizes existing cabinets and exchanges glitz for longevity of design.
which home remodel projects are worth the cost remodeling

Updating Your Bathroom(s)

Bathroom renovations are very popular and relatively inexpensive, especially if all the plumbing stays where it is. U.S. News & World Report states that a bathroom remodel done right can pay you back as much as sixty-two percent of what you spend.

You just have to keep up with what the current and emerging trends in bathroom design are, and remodel to suit the taste of potential buyers over your own, to make recouping your investment a reality.

Projects That Pay Back Your Investment Dollars

Not all home improvement projects are created equal, and some yield much more of a return on investment dollars. While some of the best return can be captured through modest exterior improvements, many homeowners can still recoup their investment on larger projects if they are executed correctly and with resale in mind.

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