Holiday Storage Tips

by Jackie FogartieNovember 23, 2016

The holidays are right around the corner, and while we all love the celebrations, it can be a bit stressful! Decorating, hosting, cooking – there’s always so much to do! Here are a few organizational items that will help you truly enjoy this magical season!

Wrapping Necessities

Wrapping Station: If you’re anything like me, you wrap your gifts in the living room or den while watching TV to make the somewhat boring task go by quickly! This seems like a good idea until little pieces of wrapping paper and glitter end up literally everywhere. If you’ve always wanted a wrapping room but don’t have a 10 bedroom mansion, this portable wrapping station is for you! I especially love the storage drawers and rods for storing all that pretty ribbon!
Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond
Sharp Scissors: I think we’ve all experienced a mad search looking for the “good scissors.” Having sharp scissors is absolutely essential in making the wrapping process as smooth as possible. This affordable three pack of sharp scissors will make your wrapping experience a breeze!

Holiday Decor Hangers:

Command 3M strips are the absolute best for hanging pictures around the house without those pesky nail holes. Lucky for us, they also have an entire line of items to make hanging holiday decor a little easier.

Post-Holiday Storage:

Ornament Storage: Pulling the ornaments out each year is one of the best part of the holidays! One of the least favorite parts of the holidays? Putting the ornaments away. Boo. Storing them in an unorganized pile just makes for a mess the next year. This ornament storage box ensures that your fragile ornaments will be protected and organized to a tee!
Tree Removal Bag: If you’re a fan of that “real” Christmas tree smell, picking out the tree is probably one of your favorite holiday traditions! One of the least favorite? Packing up the tree at the end of the season and throwing it to the curb. Carrying the tree through the house guarantees tree needles will be everywhere and that you will be sweeping them up for months! This Tree Removal Bag WITH skirt from The Container Store has a skirt you put underneath the tree. When it’s time to throw the tree away, simply slide the skirt up to the top and you have yourself a bag! It’s the perfect tree needle catch-all!

Holiday To-Go Boxes

Finally, if you’re hosting a holiday dinner, stock your pantry with these festive to-go boxes instead of sending your guests home with mismatched Tupperware! It’s the perfect end to a delicious dinner!

The holidays are such a special time, enjoy them even more with these holiday storage and organizational tools! Happy Holidays!

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