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No More Peeping Toms: Window Privacy

Whether you’re moving into a busy city apartment or a small suburban neighborhood, privacy in the home is vital. For most people, privacy means avoiding nosy neighbors, but even more importantly, it means feeling safe. With some functional and stylish improvements to your new your home and yard, you can gain a sense of security and confidence.

From the Inside

When it comes to privacy, one of the first and most obvious places to look is at your windows. How do you block visibility into your new home, without losing your own view of the outside world and the natural light that we all want?


Window treatments. Choosing the right window blinds, shutters, or curtains can help you gain privacy, while still letting the sun shine in. There are many options when it comes to determining the best window treatments for your home. For the ultimate in privacy, consider the following:

  • Blackout blinds. Blackout blinds and curtains are true to their name. When closed, they keep the room absolutely dark. When open, they let the light flood in. They are perfect for busy city apartments, college dorms, baby’s rooms, bedrooms, and any room that faces streetlights or the rising sun.
  • Cellular shades. Cellular shades are made with a layer of mylar, a thin metallic fabric that makes the material completely blackout. Cellular shades are becoming increasing popular, as there are many attractive designs and materials to choose from.
  • Shade and curtain combos. Consider adding a light filtering shade during the day and pulling the blackout curtains only when you need them. This gives the most options for light control and privacy. If you have trouble with outside noises from neighbors or busy streets, use a double or triple cell shade and layer it with insulated curtains. While it may not eliminate noise entirely, it could dampen sound and offer privacy.
  • Other window treatment options. Woven wood shades with blackout liners, mini blinds, plantation shutters, faux wood, and wooden blinds, and customized window shade options also offer varying degrees of privacy and light blockage.

Furniture placement and decor. How you set up the interior of your new home can affect the amount of privacy you have. Place furniture so that it’s not directly facing the windows. Make sure that if sitting areas, changing areas, beds, and television screens are facing windows, the proper window coverings are installed.

Use privacy screens, tall plants, sculptures and strategically-placed lighting to reduce visibility into your home. Don’t forget: The easiest time for others to see into your home is when it’s dark outside and light inside.

From the Outside

Wooden Fence

Changes to your yard and the outside of your home can also help increase your sense of privacy and security.

Wooden and composite fences. Fences can help establish a border to your yard and can increase privacy when it comes to keeping people and animals out. There are many options now for attractive and low-maintenance fences, made from vinyl or composite materials that closely resemble wood.

Natural fences.” Trees and privacy shrubs not only add beauty to any yard, but they can also provide a natural boundary for your home. The arborvitae tree is a popular and effective privacy shrub that can grow as tall as 40 feet and can help establish boundaries, as well as block views of your yard and home’s interior.

Decorative options. A trellis with climbing vines and outdoor shutters are decorative ways to block visibility into windows while adding character to the home’s exterior.

With these simple additions, you can enjoy the privacy and security of your new home, while adding stylish and warming touches to your décor — a win-win for any homeowner or apartment dweller.

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