Online Realty: How to Navigate Agents, Realtors, and Online Technology

by Carson BuckNovember 23, 2016

Shifting Technology: Buying a Home in Today’s Online Realty Market

For agents, Realtors, buyers, and sellers in today’s home realty market, it is time to face a hard truth: online technology has changed the home buying process. The decision to buy a home remains a pivotal, milestone moment for many; however, the way people are navigating the home-buying process has changed drastically.

This shift in the real estate market calls for understanding and change. With an influx of online research tools, it is important to understand these changes: what has changed, who is impacted, and how do we respond? Read on to learn how to successfully navigate agents, Realtors, and online technology in today’s Internet-centric real estate market.
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Home Real Estate: What Changed?

The days of making cold calls and waiting for a Realtor response are gone – with online tools, everything is fast-tracked. In 2016, the National Association of Realtors conducted a study that found 89% of home buyers incorporated a website in their realty search; likewise, 57% of house hunters relied on a mobile app or website. Even further, 42% of prospective buyers turned to online listings prior to contacting an agent or Realtor.

How do we process this information? In today’s technology saturated world, we live in an age of instant gratification. Potential buyers can easily look up listings online; the process is becoming streamlined.

Yet however attractive these benefits may appear, it is essential that buyers, sellers, Realtors and agents alike understand how online realty impacts their respective roles in the home buying process.
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New Roles: How Online Tools Impact the Home Buying Process

Buyers and Sellers

Inundated with online tools, buyers and sellers may wonder if Realtors and agents are antiquated resources for the home buying process. Despite the vast benefits brought by online realty perks, the agent is still a vital component of the home buying process.

An online listing may be no longer be available, or a cost on a website may not reflect the seller’s current asking price; consequently, it is important to have an agent or a Realtor to help you navigate the home buying process. An agent can help you distill a wealth of information and navigate real estate transactions, so do your research and find the right agent to help you search through online realty.

Additionally, sellers beware! The online realty market caters towards the buyer; the seller is a step behind. So before you list your home, consult an agent, and use the online tools at your disposal to see what other homes and listings are available to help you leverage resources and achieve the best deal on selling your home.

Agents and Realtors

For agents and Realtors, online tools and mobile technology have jump started the home buying process. The Internet inundates prospective buyers with listings, past sales, and other valuable information, which results in a more knowledgeable client base.

Agents and Realtors are spending less time fielding questions, and clients are informed and ready to make progress on finding the right home. In effect, the front work done by buyers and sellers allows agents and Realtors to allocate time and effort more efficiently.

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How to Navigate Online Realty

It’s important to be aware of online tools and databases that can help make real estate transactions more efficient and streamlined. However, it’s paramount that buyers and sellers alike remember one thing: don’t rush the process.

Technology and online tools have fast-tracked the processes of looking for or selling a home. With a text from a Realtor, an email from a lead based system, or a notification from a pre-filtered home database (like the one here on, a real estate transaction accelerates. But remember that buying a home is long term commitment – no matter how efficient the online realty process becomes, selling or purchasing a home must not be rushed.

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