Portland Neighborhoods: The Results on Where to Move Are In

by Alex ThatcherNovember 7, 2016

Trending Now: The Best of Portland, OR Neighborhoods

Before the influx of start-ups, tech companies, and skyrocketing real estate, Portland Oregon was a small city beloved by indie musicians, creators, youth, and dive bar enthusiasts. But as Portland’s economy has elevated to one of the fastest growing economies in the nation, people have come in droves to the city.

Transplants may come for work; nature enthusiasts may gravitate to the city for its unparalleled access to Mt. Hood, the Willamette River, and surrounding woodlands; and recent graduates may travel for the mere thrill; but regardless of what draws people to the city, the results are in: Portland is retaining its newcomers.

So what’s next? Finding a place to live. Portland has an abundance of neighborhoods, varied in terms of demographics, amenities, and niche traditions. Fortunately, for those overwhelmed by the prospects and challenges associated with deciding where to live in Portland, we are here to help. Read on for a breakdown of what neighborhoods are the best in Portland.

best portland neighborhoods to move to


Surveying Portland, as well as surrounding Hillsboro and Vancouver areas, the Foster-Powell neighborhood secured the top spot as Portland’s most desirable neighborhood in 2016 on many best of PDX lists. Price is a major factor in the neighborhood’s attraction to potential homebuyers and residents. The median sale price for a home in Foster-Powell neighborhood is priced just under $300,000. But price alone does not attract a wealth of interest. In the past few years, the neighborhood has experienced a transformational revitalization. A string of businesses and food establishments are gaining notoriety, including but not limited to: Foster Burger, the Mercado, and Henry Higgins Bagels.

One local real estate agent shares that Foster-Powell is “just a few miles from the center of downtown but [it] remains one of the more affordable parts of inner Portland, making it highly desirable.” As an area with a host of unique establishments and an attractive price-point, Foster-Powell is certainly on the rise as one of the best places to move in Portland.

best portland neighborhoods to move to


Another very desirable destination neighborhood in Portland, Creston-Kenilworth is proving to attract primarily younger couples and families with small children. Tucked in a cozy southeast neighborhood, Creston-Kenilworth streets are lined with bungalows and peppered with parks throughout.

More expensive than the Foster-Powell neighborhood, homes in Creston-Kenilworth are selling for a median price of $388,800. But these homes are going quick – most of the homes have at least a 70 percent chance of going into contract with a buyer within two weeks of being on the market. So act quickly if you want to call this area home!


Another extremely attractive neighborhood for people to move to in Portland is called Sunnyside. This charming central southeast neighborhood is highly walkable, filled to the brim with amenities, and attractive to young people, families with children, and those in all stages of life.

People are well aware of the neighborhood’s draw, however, and homes sell quickly in the Sunnyside neighborhood with most homes staying on the market a mere six days. While the median price for a home in Sunnyside reaches $478,700, if you can afford it, the perks of this area are undeniably worth it.


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Regardless of which neighborhood appeals most to you, overall, results show that southeast Portland remains the most desirable area for people to move in Portland. And one thing is for certain about life in Portland — if you’re on the hunt for a home in a neighborhood with tons of character, you can’t throw a rock in this city without hitting something cool nearby.

Portland is certainly in no short supply of charming homes complete with local flavor, as well. So act now, and find out which trending Portland neighborhood is ideal for your next move (or visit) to this beautiful Oregon city.

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