So You Want to Live In… San Jose, CA?

by Carson BuckNovember 14, 2016

All About San Jose, California

San Jose is the third most populous city in the state of California, and the largest city in Northern California. Originally a farming community for the Spanish, San Jose was also once known as the first capital of California. The city is most notable today for being the honorary capital of Silicon Valley, the location of booming high-tech innovation in the US.
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San Jose, California History

San Jose was founded by Lieutenant Jose Joaquin Moraga in 1777 as a farming community. In 1797, the city was moved to a location that is currently downtown San Jose. It fell under Mexican sovereignty in 1821 and became part of the United States, with the rest of California, in 1846. In 1850, San Jose was incorporated as a city and named the state capital of California. Its identity as a city of innovation began at the start of the 20th century and continues today, moving from innovation in flight technology to agricultural technology to today’s digital application technology.

San Jose’s reputation as a city of technology began in 1943, when IBM moved its west coast headquarters here, opening a research and development plant in 1952. Early tech inventions out of San Jose include the hard disk drive, and later, pioneers in the social media space got their start in and around the city. Since the 1990s, the success of Silicon Valley has resulted in a massive population and economic boom for San Jose, bringing skyrocketing value to the area’s real estate sector.

San Jose, California Attractions

There is no shortage of things to see and do in San Jose and the surrounding area. For fans of beautiful greenery and flowers, there’s the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, the Arizona Cactus Garden, the Japanese Friendship Garden at Kelley Park, the Stanford University Arboretum, and more. Art lovers can visit the San Jose Museum of Art in downtown San Jose, the Palo Alto Art Center in nearby Palo Alto, or the Anderson Collection at Stanford University. Historical museums in San Jose include the Hiller Aviation Museum, the Museum of American Heritage, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, and the Winchester Mystery House. Some of the events that take place in San Jose throughout the year include Christmas in the Park downtown, the San Jose Jazz Festival, the LiveStrong Challenge bike race, and the Cinequest Film Festival. San Jose also has its own National Hockey League team, the San Jose Sharks.

San Jose, California Employment

Naturally, the high-tech world of Silicon Valley has been a massive driver of the San Jose economy. In the year 2000, thanks to the influx of computer related businesses and jobs, San Jose had the highest median income of any large city (pop. Over 300,000), a title it retains today. There is no shortage of companies that employ large numbers of workers in San Jose, including eBay, PayPal, Kaiser Permanente, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Qualcomm and many, many more. A planned research campus for Apple, Inc. will be located on a 40-acre stretch of San Jose that the company purchased in 2015 for 138.2 million dollars. Top employers in San Jose include Santa Clara County, Cisco Systems, eBay, the city of San Jose, IBM, and Kaiser Permanente.

Living in San Jose, California
Winchester Mystery House rear and gardens San Jose, CA

San Jose is very appealing as a place to live due to its high standard of living, ample entertainment venues, and numerous employment opportunities. One should be prepared though, as housing prices are in line with the city’s appeal as a preferred home location. If you’d like to learn more about available housing opportunities in San Jose, your first stop should be We’ll provide you with fast, easily accessible information about housing options in San Jose, California, so you can find your dream home today.


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