8 Great Housewarming Gift Ideas

by Jessica ThiefelsDecember 6, 2016

8 Great Gifts for New Homeowners

Moving into a new home is an exciting time and often a big achievement for most people. However, whether it’s a first or fifth house, moving never really gets easier—much less when you’re settling in before the holidays.

There’s new furniture to buy, endless to-do lists, and sometimes even major renovation projects to start on.

When attending a housewarming party this holiday season, or just dropping by for a tour of the new digs, bring a gift to congratulate the new homeowners. If you’re having a hard time deciding, here are eight housewarming gift ideas for a thoughtful and useful gift that new homeowners are guaranteed to love this holiday season.

1. Return Address Stamp

housewarming gifts: Return Address Stamp
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Obviously, moving to a new home means getting a new street address. A return address stamp is a great gift or stocking stuffer that is sure to be used for every envelope, holiday greeting card or thank you note sent out for many years to come.

There are endless options for customizing a return address stamp on Etsy, or even Amazon—just be sure you have the correct address. You can choose the calligraphy type, design and even between a wooden stamp and self-inking.

2. Custom New Home Print

A custom print of the new house is a great gift idea because it’s original and sentimental. It may require some work on your part, such as getting a picture of the home to the artist, but it will likely turn out to be something they will keep forever. You can search for local artists in your area that create custom prints, or head to an online store, upload your picture and choose your frame.

3. Stock-the-Bar

housewarming gifts:: Alcohol
Almost all homeowners are prepared with a well-stocked bar for when they entertain guests. However, glassware, barware and alcohol can be expensive to stock, making alcohol a great housewarming gift idea. In fact, according to a 2016 holiday shopping survey, alcohol is a popular item on Christmas wish lists this year.

Consider gifting a nice bottle of champagne to toast the new house or a gift basket with all the necessary items for making a signature holiday drink at their upcoming party.

4. Living Greenery

housewarming gifts: decorative plant
New homeowners often find themselves struggling to fill empty spaces or make certain areas of the house more inviting. Living plants are a great way to bring any room to life. Whether it’s indoor plant that grows in the kitchen sunlight, or outdoor plant that’s already potted and ready for the front porch, you can’t go wrong.

If you know that they don’t have a green thumb, consider gifting a low-maintenance house plant, such as a succulent or English Ivy.

5. Something Local

housewarming gifts: local foods / Jam
There’s no better way to welcome someone to the neighborhood than to give them a gift that represents their new hometown. A few great ideas include, a framed map of the new city, locally made food items or treats, or even a gift card to your favorite neighborhood restaurant. The new homeowners will appreciate the warm welcome and effort behind the housewarming gift.

6. Themed Gift Basket

A gift basket is always an easy DIY go-to when you’re stuck deciding between a few items. The key is to pick a theme so that it doesn’t come across as random items thrown together. For example, you could compile a pasta night gift basket, and include a colander, hand-made pasta, jarred pasta sauce, a bottle of wine and two new wine glasses. If you’re not feeling creative, browse these ideas on Pinterest.

7. A Piece of Art

housewarming gifts: art
Just like filling empty spaces, new homeowners have walls to decorate. Art is a great gift because, between buying new furniture and appliances, it’s an afterthought. While it’s true everyone perceives art differently, it can be sentimental to gift what speaks to you for someone else’s new home.

Avoid anything too large or controversial. If you are worried about space for the art, go see the house first, envision the size you would like to buy and gift it later on.

8. Custom Cutting Board

housewarming gifts: Custom-Cutting-Board
Another popular gift idea for new homeowners is a custom cutting board with their initials, new street address or outline of their state carved into the wood. A cutting board is a great gift idea because it’s functional while adding a decorative touch. If you don’t know any local vendors, design your own.

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