decorate your porch for the holidays
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8 Super Festive Ways to Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Front Porch Décor

Want to bring some holiday cheer to your home? Get your home ready for the holidays with these eight super festive ways for decorating your front porch.

How to Decorate Your Porch for the Holidays

Take a drive down any street in America in late November or early December, and you’ll see families hard at work decorating their homes for the holidays. From inflatable yard displays to traditional Nativity scenes to lights of every color imaginable, there is a near-infinite number of ways to share your love for the season with the world.

When it comes to decorating the home for the holidays, for many, the cornerstone of their holiday decorating is their front porch. After all, this is the part of the home that invites holiday guests and visitors inside.

If you’re looking for festive decorating ideas for the front porch, then here are eight ideas guaranteed to make your home look more welcoming.

decorate your porch for the holidays

Decorate With Seasonal Greens

There’s a reason why green is such a mainstay color of the Christmas season – pine trees and holly are among the only trees and plants that still retain their color in the winter. So, pine and holly often play significant roles in traditional holiday décor.

Even more importantly, these elements allow for a wide variety of decorative design options for the front porch. From a seasonal wreath on the door to evergreen garland to a small Christmas tree, decorating with seasonally appropriate greens works regardless of your home size and type.

decorate your porch for the holidays

Add a Warm Glow With Candles

Nothing looks better on a cold winter’s night than the warm glow of a candle. If you’re hosting a holiday party, add some inviting warmth to your front porch by placing candles on your steps and around your door. If you’re using real candles, be sure you place them in sturdy metal and glass lanterns. This will help keep them from falling over while at the same time adding a touch of old fashioned Christmas to your porch.

decorate your porch for the holidays

String Your Porch With Holiday Lights

Next to the humble candle, nothing sets the holiday mood like Christmas lights. Whether you use multi-colored lights or you prefer the simple elegance provided by white lights, stringing holiday lights up and around your porch will add the right touch of warmth and tradition to your home’s entry.

decorate your porch for the holidays

Create a Country Christmas

If you want your porch to stand out from the other homes on your street, give it a country Christmas vibe by decorating in a rustic way. Some of the things you can do to country-up your porch include decorating it with things like a small wooden rocking chair, bowls filled with pine cones, an aluminum wash bucket filled with firewood, a basket filled with greenery, and wreaths on the windows and door.

decorate your porch for the holidays

Decorate With Fabrics

If you have wooden furniture on your front porch, add some color and warmth by placing plaid pillows and flannel throws on them. This will soften the look of the porch and make it more inviting. It will also make it all-the-more-comfortable for sitting and enjoying a hot chocolate while you watch the snow slowly settle to the ground.

decorate your porch for the holidays

Make It a Santa’s Workshop

If you have youngsters in your family, then decorating your front porch in a kid-friendly Santa’s Workshop-inspired design will bring a smile to their faces. Some ideas for this look include wrapping different sizes of boxes in festive wrapping paper and colorful ribbon and bows, using over-sized ornaments, placing a few stuffed-animal deer around, and hanging garland around the door and down the banisters.


Decorate With Poinsettias

The poinsettia is the traditional flower of the holiday season. It’s not only an iconic holiday decoration, but it also has a vibrant red color that will really stand out on your porch. But, because poinsettias are inside-only flowers, you’ll have to go with the faux variety for your porch. If you take large white standing pots and fill them with faux poinsettias and set then on either side of your door, you’ll create a glorious and refined holiday look for your porch.

decorate your porch for the holidays

Let It Snow!

Even though you try your hardest to keep your front porch clear of snow in the winter, there’s no reason why you can’t use it as inspiration for your holiday porch décor. Hang large snowflakes, place a chubby stuffed snowman next to the door, add some stick-on snowflakes to your windows (or frost them with fake canned snow spray), and toss around some fake snow to give your front porch an enchanted look this season.

Regardless of how you choose to decorate your front porch for the holidays, the key is to decorate it in your unique style. Include the family and start a tradition. After all, that’s what the holidays are all about.

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