Looking Up: 6 Kitchen Organization Tricks You’ll Love

by Alex ThatcherDecember 7, 2016

Creative Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen

Counter space is a top commodity in kitchens – regardless of your home kitchen’s dimensions. It seems that no matter how large or how small your kitchen space may be, insufficient space to cook, entertain, or prep meals leads to kitchen frustrations. Even if you’ve done a few DIY projects and revamped your kitchen to add space and stow away all your typical space-hogging culprits, it’s possible you’ll still find yourself scrambling for logical organization and ample space.

If you’ve found yourself striving to increase your work surface area and your overall kitchen organization, you’re in luck! We’ve scoured trends, advice, and blogs to deliver a solution: look up. Maximize overhead space to free up your counters. Read on to learn how you can make the most of your kitchen space by looking up and turning to these 6 kitchen organization tricks that will help you streamline your space.

small kitchen organization tipsvia Elle Decor

1. Hanging Racks

A minimal organization fix that we love: install a hanging rack for pots and pans in the kitchen. Inspired by open-concept commercial kitchens, this is a clever way to free up drawer and counter space occupied by bulky pots and pans. Instead, look up, and hang your favorite kitchen essentials overhead and easily within reach.

2. DIY Utensil Storage

Think outside the box by storing your go-to cooking utensils (spatulas, ladles, whisks, etc.) on a rack instead of in a drawer. Our advice? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. By mounting a few recycled cans to a board, you can hold your cooking utensils and save both drawer and counter space.

small kitchen organization tipsvia Bob Vila

3. Full-Scale Storage Wall

Take the utensil storage idea a step further and create a full-scale wall-mounted storage space. All you need is a blank kitchen wall, and you’ll be ready to mount rows of racks on the wall from floor to ceiling.

The possibilities for maximizing space are endless: mount a bar where you can drape towels and washcloths, install S-hooks to hang your favorite kitchen tools, or add a magnetic knife rack to free up drawer space… the list goes one! A pro tip: paint the storage wall with black chalk paint to create a minimal, intentional feel in what might otherwise be a visually hectic space.

small kitchen organization tipsvia Wild Zest

4. Utilize Above-Cabinet Space

Get serious about using space above cabinets, seriously. While the areas above cabinets may be hard to reach, for items that you don’t access frequently (that decorative gift you got for a birthday a few years ago that you just can’t part with?), look up and utilize above-cabinet storage.

If you need inspiration, check out Apartment Therapy’s great guide for things to do with that awkward space above the cabinets. Just be careful about which items you store up high – remember heat rises and storing wine above cabinets may compromise ruin that bottle of red you are saving for a special occasion!

CI-A-Time-for-Everything_baskets-on-cabinets_h.png.rend_.hgtvcom.1280.960via HGTV

5. Create Peg Board Baskets

Where do you store vegetables, fruits, and roots in your kitchen that don’t necessarily warrant refrigeration? If your answer is in a bowl on your countertop, you’re not alone. Display bowls for fruits and vegetables can add to your kitchen aesthetic while streamlining kitchen chaos; however, this often comes at a cost, exacting coveted counter space.

Martha Stewart offers a great solution: look up and create a basket peg board for produce that doesn’t require refrigeration. Stop by a general sore at pick out simple baskets, ones designed to hook on to bike handlebars work great, and hang a grid of baskets on a pegboard to revamp a bleak kitchen wall.

small kitchen organization tipsvia Spectrum

6. Stow the Toaster

If you’re still battling a lack of counter space despite trying these overhead storage hacks, it may be time to sweep the kitchen for small appliance and stow away your favorite gadgets – or as we say, tuck the toaster.

Coffee makers, toasters, grinders, and blenders may be essentials in your kitchen, but no rule says they must be kept in sight, especially if you price your countertop real estate at a premium. So, whether you think up (and store these appliances above cabinets) or find remaining shelf space, stow these kitchen items to maximize counter space.

small kitchen organization tipsvia Decor Zoom

And there you have it – 6 essential kitchen organization tips that involve looking up – plus an old favorite space saving trick we couldn’t resist sharing. Revamp your kitchen today with these simple fixes to save you stress and free up your space.

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