Nashville: Music City USA Has Become the Heartland’s Hipster Hub

by Carson BuckDecember 2, 2016

Nashville Is as Authentic as Cities Come

When it comes to street cred, Nashville, Tennessee has no shortage. It’s long been one of the centers of the music industry, and the city is full of legendary venues that ooze authenticity.

But lately, this country music capital is becoming just as popular among the young and hip as it always has been with old-school twang merchants. Yes, Nashville is experiencing a moment, and these days, it’s attracting plenty of hipsters. Move over, Denver. Stand aside, Austin. Nashville has your number.

So why is Nashville suddenly turning into the hipster city du jour? Let’s take a look around town to see what the Nashville scene is all about.

Nashville Has Amazing Coffee

Cities like Seattle and New York are proud of their coffee, but transplants from those cities say they don’t miss their old haunts. With coffee shops like these, why would they?

Take, for instance, CREMA. This downtown artisanal roaster certainly has the requisite style of a third-wave coffeehouse, but all that industrial chic décor would be for naught if the coffee weren’t completely amazing. It is.

East Nashville’s Barista Parlor earns nods from those in the know for its perfectly pulled espresso shots, its mouth-watering baked goods, and its idiosyncratic style.

From Ugly Mugs to Dose, Bongo Java to Eighth and Roast, when it comes to coffee, Nashville has it going on.

Music Lovers, Rejoice

We’ve already mentioned that Nashville is a hub for country music. But you may not know that it’s also a favorite of touring bands from a wide array of genres, from hip-hop to dance music. Here, there’s a show nearly every night of the week at venues like The Basement, The Station Inn, and the Bluebird Café. Whichever sound gets your body moving, you’ll hear it in Nashville. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the festivals.

The Flavors of Nashville

Have we mentioned the food? That’s right: Nashville’s food scene is enough to make die-hard foodies shed tears of joy.

Need proof? Stop in at Husk, a farm-to-table purveyor of southern food taken to the next level. Or, pull up a chair at The Smiling Elephant, home to the city’s best Thai food.

Feeling a bit more continental? Try 404 Kitchen, an award-winning European restaurant cleverly disguised as a shipping container. And no self-respecting Nashvillian would pass up a meal at Prince’s Hot Chicken.
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Nashville’s Job Market Is Pretty Great

Being a starving artist has a certain allure to some hipsters, but there comes a time when even the most dedicated decide that it’s time to make some real money. If you’re able to make a great living playing shows or selling paintings, good for you! If not, you’ll be happy to know that Nashville’s job market is quite healthy.

And if you’re the entrepreneurial type, you’ll be in good company. According to a study by the Kauffman Foundation, Nashville has the second highest rate of young small business owners in the nation.

Homes Are Affordable in Nashville

Internal data shows that Nashville nearly has 2 times the number of listings over any other region in Tennessee. And while demand is quickly rising, housing is still relatively affordable in Nashville, especially compared to other hipster cities like San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

According to the Tennesean, the median single-family home price is just above $220k. That’s higher than it used to be, but still doable on a relatively modest income. What will that price range get you?

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