Why Not Just Buy Your Very Own Old West Style Town?

by Jamey MortonDecember 8, 2016

Saddle Up and Buy a Your Own Old West Style Town in Arizona

Have you ever fancied what it would be like to live in an Old West-style town? Perhaps you’ve been inspired by Quentin Tarantino duels, or visits to historical ghost towns — either way, the old Americana west holds a tantalizing nostalgia for many.

If you’re one of these western-leaning folk, we have good news: in the clean, cool foothills of Kingman Arizona, the Blue Star Ranch has hit the market. This ranch, however, is much more than your average run-of-the-mill farm. The Blue Star Ranch is its very own Old West episode; the property includes expansive acres and a slew of buildings “in apple pie order” – top shape. Pony up, this Old West-style town will go quick!

Begin Your Journey to Old West Grounds

You’ll find the Blue Star Ranch at 2392 Calle Castano E in Kingman, Arizona. Set in the beautiful foothills of Northern Arizona, this western-style town offers a backdrop as picturesque as the western style images you might conjure in your mind thinking of Bonnie and Clyde or Jesse James.

Yet the town differentiates itself by featuring touches of the Victorian era. The property spans over 13 acres, with 7 of those acres zones for commercial recreation. Each piece of the property contributes perfectly to the old west style charm. Curious? Read on to learn about the carryings-on this ol’ town could see.

Wanted: A Charming Town Against a Northern Arizona Backdrop

From its first impression, the Blue Star Ranch exudes Old West charisma matched by Victorian elegance. On the main road, you’ll find a 1880’s style, two-story Victorian home with a wrap-around wooden porch, accompanied by three other complete individual abodes, and four more potential residence structures. Just picture yourself, in this town, on a porch enjoying coffee while listening to doves, roosters, and peacocks — what a town!

Step back in time, as you move from the homes to the old western post office and sheriff’s office in line with a dentistry stop, a barber shop, and a quintessential general store! As you wander through each space, marvel at the equipment and furnishings that are reminiscent of the old country.

Inside the fire station, take in the fully operational mini train and city model village. Add a saloon, or revamp the mercantile, and people will come streaming to this Old West retreat.

Big Sky Country and the Wild West

While the town-style structures are charming, its the famous western landscape that sells this $1,00,900 property. The spacious and open desert acres are peppered with Old West details, including two antique fire engines (one being operational), a case steam engine, and other various old west equipment.

Throughout the grounds, you’ll see authentic caboose centerpieces set against the desert grounds. Outdoor fountains and gazebo areas create perfect settings for old west-inspired contemplation. And with a deer pen and horse pasture, this town is well-equipped to accommodate equestrian guests and livestock, making your possibilities in this western town limitless.

Old Style Duel: May the Best Buyer Win!

While the Blue Star Ranch is still in operation, “it will ‘come a cropper” if a buyer doesn’t come to town and invest in this Old West gem. Western film buffs and niche hospitality gurus alike will flock to this property, so if you’re fixin’ to saddle up to this once in a life time opportunity, don’t delay — this property will sell quick!

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