Time Capsule 1969: This Palm Springs Mansion Revisits Gaudy Chic

by Jamey MortonDecember 22, 2016

Live in a Technicolor Wonderland

For many potential homebuyers, off-white walls are comforting, soothing, a blank slate on which to dream. In fact, many real estate experts recommend painting your interiors as close to neutral as possible when you are looking to stage and sell your home.

Well, for some homes like this colorful palace in Palm Springs, California, not only would re-painting in neutral tones change the very nature of the interior of the home, it would be a crying shame as well.

Living in a Time Capsule

This three-bedroom, three-bathroom, desert beauty boasts just over three thousand square feet of interior space, an in-ground outdoor pool and spa, an attached two-car garage, a terrific location in old Palm Springs, a fantastic floor plan that places each bedroom and bathroom in a separate corner of the home, polished terrazzo floors, and enough custom furniture, drapes, and décor to make you feel like you were living a dream life in the mid nineteen sixties.

Is Green Your Thing?

If you answered yes, or even had to think about it for a second, you might want to take a look at this dining room and living room combination. The vaulted-ceiling living room contains two custom-made, curved couches with green ivy upholstery, custom drapes, and a massive rectangular wood and glass coffee table sitting atop plush green carpeting.

The dining room boasts gold wall paper, seating for ten on plush green-upholstered, high-back chairs around a wood dining table, and that same plush green carpeting. Unbelievable!

Do You Enjoy Wood Paneling?

If you answered yes, then you will be relieved to learn that this home comes with a beautifully paneled den and bar room, complete with hutches that feature built-in televisions, a massive custom coffee table, and a massive custom, cream-colored L-shaped sectional. This room also boasts a plush layer of cream-colored coffee to accentuate the custom wood and cream upholstered bar.

Three Bedrooms You’ll Never Mistake for One Another, Each With a Matching Bathroom

If your color is green, pink, or blue, then this house has a bedroom for you. Each bedroom is a monochromatic wonderland, with matching furniture, wall coverings, carpeting, and drapes. The red-carpeted pink bathroom with its jet-tub centerpiece and matching his and hers sinks has to be seen to be believed.

A Thoroughly Modern Kitchen

Lastly, the kitchen and breakfast nook sport a remodel that places them somewhere in the thoroughly modern era of the mid nineteen eighties. If unadorned dark wood cabinets and off-white appliances are your thing, then you’re in luck. This room also sports a lowered acoustic-tiled ceiling, recently replaced floors, and access to a convertible indoor/outdoor breakfast nook.

Cheaper Than a Hot Tub Time Machine

It’s difficult to say where you would go to shop for an actual time machine these days, but it stands to reason that if you could find one for sale, it would probably cost you considerably more than this modest home in Palm Springs, which comes with a hot tub, and actually can transport you, your family, and your guests back to the late twentieth century in high style.

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