5 Friendly Cities For Young Families

by Jonathan DeesingJanuary 31, 2017

One of the biggest transitions in life is going from being a young couple to being a young family. Often, change begets change and many young families find that their lifestyle needs have shifted. A bustling downtown may be great for two working professionals, but not ideal for young children. If you’re thinking about a new locale for your young family, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Parks, safety, attractions, schools, home prices, and arts are all things to research when looking for a new city. Check out just a few of these cities to get an idea of what you may be looking for!

Bellevue, Washington

French for “beautiful view,” this city, which is situated across Lake Washington from Seattle, has been enjoying an economic boom for the past decade. Regularly ranked among the best cities in the country to live and work in, Bellevue has access to big city amenities (think the Seahawks) while retaining a comparatively small community. Big name companies like Nintendo and Microsoft attract a young, diverse population, giving Bellevue a rich culture. What’s more, the city is loaded with parks and community facilities perfect for kids – from a climbing wall, to a skate park, to an aquatic center, to the Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Lehi, Utah

Lehi sits at the edge of Utah’s Silicon Slopes – a cluster of tech companies that dot the Wasatch Front. Adobe, Microsoft, and Workfront all have offices in the city and many others like eBay, Vivint, and Overstock have offices nearby. Located just south of Salt Lake City, Lehi is less than an hour’s drive to nine of Utah’s world famous ski resorts, yet it’s safer, smaller, and has a lower cost of living than Salt Lake City. The majority of the population is young families, and the nearby mountains offer countless trails for hiking and biking. Located between Utah’s two largest metro areas—Salt Lake and Provo—Lehi enjoys the amenities of both via light rail.

Rockville, Maryland

As Maryland’s third largest city, Rockville still has a population of just over 65,000. The city also boasts a diverse demographic, with large Jewish and Asian populations. Residents have access to Washington D.C.’s MetroRail, meaning they are just a train ride away from the wealth of free museums and sights in the city. Perhaps the biggest value for young families is that Rockville is served by the Montgomery County Public Schooling System (MCPS). One of the largest districts in the country, the county spends $2 billion (half of its budget) on MCPS each year and has been the recipient of numerous local and national education awards for staff and schools.

Allen, Texas

This northern suburb of Dallas is one of the safest cities in Texas. Even though the city has a population of close to 100,000, it skews very young and the majority of households have a child under 18. Though the city only has one high school, it is one of the largest in Texas, and brings home regular state football championships. The city has a public ice rink, skate park, and an extremely pro-active Parks and Recreation department. And nearby Lake Lavon provides fishing, camping, and recreation.

St. George, Utah

Another Utah city, St. George is a world apart from the mountainous Lehi. Situated at the northern eastern tip of the Mojave Desert, the city is home to beautiful desert scenery with red cliffs and bluffs peppering the cityscape. Scenic views abound within the city, while just outside sits famous Zion National Park and Moab, which feature endless outdoor activities for families. Indoors, the city has a thriving arts scene with a variety of museums, theatres, and festivals. St. George has been among the fastest growing cities in the country for over a decade, evolving from its reputation as a city for northern Utah snowbirds.


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