Why Would You Buy a Castle Without a Dungeon?

by Jamey MortonJanuary 12, 2017

Lord of the Manor

Have you ever dreamed of being lord or lady of your own rural castle? Authentic castles are pretty much impossible to come by in the United States, but for some, the allure of medieval architecture is so great that building one for themselves is the only route to satisfying their vision. This listing includes one such dream, but only half-realized.

And, even though the listing owners didn’t finish building their dream castle, they did finish putting the finer touches on the dungeon. So with the castle unfinished, you have the opportunity to personalize the ongoing construction anyway you like. You want a moat? You can have a moat. You want serf hovels surrounding your castle walls? You can have those too.

Who Says Size Doesn’t Matter

This property by itself, buildings not-withstanding, is a stunner. The listing includes more than 260 acres of beautiful Georgia mountain property. The grounds are primarily made up of rolling wooded hills, carved by the East Fork of the Little River that runs through it. A river literally runs through it. But that’s not all

Did Someone Say Water Feature(s)?

In addition to the East Fork of the Little River running through the property, this listing also includes a spring-fed lake, an additional pond, and a waterfall on the aforementioned river. There is an old logging road already in place that provides access to the lake, pond, and waterfall on the property. So if you are investing in the property, putting in access roads is one expense you can practically cross off your punch list.

Make Money the Old Fashioned Way… As an Innkeeper

Visions of serfs toiling away in the muck and mire surrounding your keep not withstanding, there are other, old fashioned ways to make money off a property like this. With a castle near completion standing at the entrance of the property, conversion and augmentation of the existing structures is nearly complete as it is with more than eighteen thousand square feet finished.

You could turn the grounds into a resort, a winery, an artist colony, or whatever your heart desires. Marketed correctly, this property could be paying for itself in very little time.

Location, Location, Location

The castle is conveniently located close to several metropolitan areas while retaining the rural charm of Lookout Mountain in North Georgia, an area rapidly becoming known for its vacation homes and its proximity to the bed and breakfast capital of the world: Mentone, Alabama.

This property is approximately an hour and a half drive from Atlanta, and only two hours by car from Nashville or Knoxville, Tennessee. Chattanooga, and all its tourist attractions, is only an hour north, as well.

The Best of Mountain Living, Complete With a Dungeon

So if you’ve always wanted a castle of your own, complete with a dungeon, or you’ve thought about running your own golf club or rural resort, consider this fantastic Georgia mountain property. Between its multiple water features, beautiful rolling, wooded hills, and the construction that’s already been completed, it’s practically turnkey.

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