Is It Too Late to Eat the Gingerbread? Arts & Crafts Icon in Brooklyn Is for Sale

by Jamey MortonJanuary 5, 2017

New York’s Famous Gingerbread House Is For Sale

Come December 26th, Christmas decor and holiday icons start to appear tacky. Stores swap out stocking stuffers for Valentine’s Day chocolates, and radios cease playing festive holiday tunes. In fear of violating a cultural taboo, most Christmas decor fades at the advent of each new year. But in the land of architecture and whimsy, the rules need not apply.

In Brooklyn, New York, you’ll find that holiday gingerbread traditions are alive and well — that is, in the form of an actual house. The Gingerbread House, an iconic arts and crafts landmark, is for sale in New York.

The Bay Ridge home is nothing short of enchanting, adorned with whimsy and medieval flourish in every detail. But as the Christmas holiday has already passed, you may be wondering if it is too late to eat the gingerbread this year… Read on to learn more about this iconic gingerbread home.

Nature-Meets-Art in the Gingerbread Manor

A true New York landmark, this Arts & Crafts genre home is revered for its enchantment. Designed to conform to the site’s topography, the home is nestled in a rolling hill, in a setting like a “primordial forest.” Located at 8220 Narrows Avenue in Brooklyn, the home occupies a 20,000 square foot lot that spans a city block and includes a quarter acre parade.

In no short supply of grandeur and whimsy, the home’s exterior reflects the most celebrated aspects of Arts & Crafts style design with renowned clarity of form and structure. Superior craftsmanship and traditional construction techniques — defining trademarks of the Arts & Crafts movement — are visible to each passerby.

Visit Brooklyn’s Iconic Arts & Crafts Home

Built in 1917 by architect James Sarsfield Kennedy, this six-bedroom estate is full of magnificent details throughout. As one might expect with a gingerbread manor, you’ll find stained glass windows, custom-sculpted woodwork, stone fireplaces, intricate moldings, and captivating Medieval details.

The interior, expansive and inspiring, surpasses all expectations. At each corner, you will find a custom stained glass illustrative; at every turn, you will be amazed at the fairytales and pastoral visions carved into the interior stonework.

With 5,764 square feet of amazing detail, the home offers a wealth of amenities. On the first floor, you’ll find a wood paneled great room, a cozy dining room with a hand carved fireplace, and a cherry and mahogany-filled music conservatory. Complete with six bedrooms and six baths, this home will leave you wanting for nothing.

Dazzle Your Guests With Sweets and Extravagance at This Home

The gingerbread home is truly a home designed for merriment and entertainment. From the home’s great room, step out through the fountain room that connects you to tiered exterior terraces. Currently, you’ll find the lemon trees that abound here, but the possibilities are endless.

Whether you prefer to curate plants in a greenhouse or stay active on a tennis court, this estate has it all. The patio is perfect for a Victorian soiree, a sweet-filled dinner party, or a historical venue for an appropriately themed academic event.

Buy Your Own Gingerbread-Style Hobbit Home

Before you think this holiday treat is too sweet to pass over, be sure to check the price tag. The fantastic Brooklyn Gingerbread home is listed for a steep $11 million asking price, making the space $1,914 per square foot.

While this Gingerbread estate seems sweet, the listing has been on and off the market for the past six years. Is this gingerbread home growing stale? Explore the property — a mere 20 minutes outside of Manhattan — to find out for yourself, or check out the listing here.

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