Marietta, Georgia: Not Just a College Town, Also a Great High School Town

by Carson BuckJanuary 20, 2017

Marietta, Georgia – Cobb County’s Educational Epicenter

Located in the central heart of Cobb County, Marietta, Georgia is a beautiful Atlanta suburb. Peppered with natural beauty, Marietta offers diversity and an extremely low cost of living. Marietta is also known as an educational hub, as the city hosts a Kennesaw State University campus and Life University.

Yet despite Marietta’s reputation as a college town, the city’s educational prowess is trickling down to secondary education as well. Learn more about Marietta, Georgia and its educational offerings here at
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Marietta Georgia City Origins

Long before Marietta earned its reputation as a premier educational location, the town began as an early pioneer settlement. After the initial plot was laid out in 1933, Marietta was initially selected as a central location for the new Western and Atlantic Railroad, and once established, prosperity ensued. Today, prosperity dawns a new form in Marietta, Georgia by offering some of the best academic opportunities in the state and the country.

Marietta as a Premier College Town

In a recent article, the Georgian state newspaper The Signal named Atlanta and Marietta the best college towns in Georgia. With a wealth of art spaces, music venues, and nightlife options, Marietta is brimming with college life and activity.

At Kennesaw State University, formerly Southern Polytechnic State University, students can explore top-ranking business and engineering programs. And at Life University, students are exposed to a holistic educational approach, as curriculum centers on preparing students to serve the health needs of society. In addition to being a great college town, Marietta also has a lot to offer in the way of high school education.

Strong High School Spirit in Marietta Georgia

Marietta is gaining notoriety as an excellent destination for high school education. In Marietta, all of the public schools are operated by MCS, the Marietta City Schools. The city has one public high school, Marietta High School, which is well known for its art curriculum. Current students laud the high school’s offerings, including free after-school tutoring, the ability to take eight classes as opposed to four per semester, and IB curriculum.

In fact, MCS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School district. Prior to attending high school, Marietta High School students have already gained exposure to IB coursework. As one of the few districts nationwide that provides the full IB (K-12) continuum, Marietta High School is well positioned to offer some of the best in high school education to its students with the years of preparation.

Many Marietta residents also attend Joseph Wheeler High School and George Walton High School. These schools, too, produce stellar rankings. According to U.S. News rankings, Walton High School ranks 10th out of all high schools within Georgia. As a school with a gold level ranking, Walton distinguishes itself with its Advanced Placement® course work and exams.

These schools also provide an excellent high school experience by offering a well-rounded student experience. Sports and extracurricular activities are taken seriously at Marietta, Wheeler, and Walton High Schools. Both Wheeler and Marietta High School, in particular, frequently produce D-1 caliber players in basketball.

All in all, community members praise Marietta’s schools for their top notch education, their focus on college readiness, and their commitment to diverse experiences.

Start Your Next Home Journey in Marietta

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