Non-Traditional Gallery Wall Style Ideas

by Kim SixJanuary 5, 2017

Decorating long expanses of wall space and finding wall art or accessories that are the correct scale and shape, especially within budgetary constraints can be a difficult challenge. A great alternative to oversized artwork is clustering groups of similar items or artwork together in a gallery wall display.

Image courtesy of Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Carli
via Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Carli

Gallery walls are a wonderful way to showcase large collections of objects. Typical gallery walls are made up of photographs and framed artwork, but there are a plethora of outside-the-box-ideas you can use to create your own gallery-style wall.

Any large collection of similar objects (in either shape, color or texture) makes great gallery style displays. This gorgeous example is composed of oversized clocks:

Image courtesy of Bless'er
via Bless’er House

A collection of rustic baskets isn’t something you automatically associate with wall decor, but it can be done beautifully.

Wall_Image 3
via Kreativk

A group of guitars, on the other hand, is a music lover’s dream!

Wall_Image 4
via Apartment Therapy

Silver serving platters create a dramatic gallery wall and help reflect light throughout a dark space where hung in a large grouping.

Wall_Image 5
via Redhead Can Decorate

Similarly, plate walls are an amazing way to match the color and style of the decor in your room. This collection of plates with pops of orange and green integrate perfectly into this dining space.

Wall_Image 6
via One Project Closer

This collection of subway art is bold and graphic, and a much more modern uptake on a gallery wall of framed prints.

Wall_Image 7
via Closet in the Oaks

Objects that aren’t traditionally considered “art” can become such when grouped together on a wall. For example, these old wooden windows:

Wall_Image 8
via The Magic Brush Inc

Or this collection of gold gilded mirrors:

Wall_Image 9
via French Country Cottage

This display of clipboards and their attached artwork is a versatile and flexible option for a gallery wall, since you can easily replace the content to match the decor or season.

Image courtesy of
via Lemons Lavender and Laundry

The objects in a gallery display don’t all have to be the same, as long as they are the same color or finish. For example, this gallery display in a stairwell is pulled together by the object’s dark black color, even though every object is different.

Wall_Image 11
via My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Of course, gallery walls don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical to be beautiful, either. Mixing items with a similar theme or color, in staggered rows and random patterns makes the eye flow across the space. For example, this gorgeous gallery wall is united by the gold and black color scheme.

Wall_Image 12
via Life Prekarious

Staying within a theme also allows flexibility and the chance to use unexpected items on your wall. This grouping is held together by their vintage industrial feel, although the objects are all quite random.

Wall_Image 13
via The Inspired Hive

Gallery walls don’t have to be restricted to flat surfaces. Changing the shape of a grouping or wrapping it around a corner can be unique and beautiful.

Image courtesy of
via Whats Ur Home Story

These framed textiles are perfect in a kid’s room since you don’t have to worry about them being knocked off the wall and breaking!

Image courtesy of
via Making Lemonade Blog

Today’s modern gallery walls have come a long way from perfectly lined up artwork in straight rows. Thinking outside the gallery box allows for a more personal and interesting space and is a great way to cover large wall areas with meaningful and beautiful decor.

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