tips for avoiding post-holiday clutter
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Seasonal Slump: How to Avoid Home Clutter This January

Learn how to keep your home from becoming overwhelmed with post-holiday clutter. Try these tips for keeping your home organized in the New Year.

8 Ways to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free After the Holidays

Near the end of every year, we all usually take a few moments to think about how we want the upcoming year to be. We dream of losing weight, getting our finances in order, stopping smoking, getting more organized, and other common “resolutions.”

But, with the influx of gifts, food, wrapping paper, and more, the holidays have a habit of making our organization resolutions fall short before they even have a chance to begin. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are eight easy tips for helping you avoid home clutter this January so you can start your New Year off right.

tips for avoiding post-holiday clutter

#1: Controlling Food Clutter

Food plays a big role in most family holiday celebrations and in almost every case, there is way too much of it left over. As a result, your refrigerator and freezer can get overloaded very quickly. To help you avoid the overabundance of soon-to-be-wasted food, try coming up with a menu plan for your holiday parties and get-togethers.

Take the time to think about how much food you really need, and whether or not you will be able to use the leftovers if there are any. When shopping, don’t fall to temptation – stick to your list and only get the items you need.

tips for avoiding post-holiday clutter

#2: Controlling Card Clutter

If you receive a lot of cards from family and friends at the holidays, or you like to send out a lot of cards, then you will wind up with a lot of paper waste after the holidays. This year, start sending e-cards instead of paper cards. They deliver the very same sentiment without the paper waste, and you’ll save a lot of money on postage.

You can even let your recipients know that you’re going to be donating the amount you would have otherwise spent on paper cards and postage to a charitable cause, so you’re doing good all the way around while also keeping clutter under control.

tips for avoiding post-holiday clutter

#3: Controlling Decoration Clutter

It is one thing to decorate your home for the holidays, but it’s another to go all Griswold Family Christmas Vacation inside and out. When you over-decorate, it not only takes away from the spirit of the season, but it can also add stress to your life.

Further, you want to be able to see your cherished decorations. Over-decorating can make you lose sight of what’s important, and then there’s the problem of where to put everything after the holidays. When it comes to decorating for the holidays, keep it simple, clean, and refined and you’ll enjoy a festive home that’s less cluttered.

tips for avoiding post-holiday clutter

#4: Controlling Present Clutter

It’s great to get a lot of presents for Christmas, but after you open up all of your gifts, reality sets in and you now have to figure out where you’re going to put everything. The more children you have, the more clutter you’re going to have.

Therefore, you should de-clutter your home before Christmas morning. Donate any toys your kids no longer play with. Do the same with any clothes your family no longer wears. Root through the kitchen and get rid of containers you can’t find the lids for.

The golden rule to follow is get one, give two. You can even make a pre-Christmas de-cluttering weekend a new family tradition in which your family gives before it receives.

tips for avoiding post-holiday clutter

#5: Controlling Electronics Clutter

Christmas is the most popular time of year for families to indulge in updated electronics like computers, televisions, cell phones, gaming systems, notebooks, etc. But, when you’re replacing old electronics, you need to either have a place to store them, or you need to find an eco-friendly way to dispose of them. They can’t just be thrown out in the garbage.

If you’re planning on getting some new electronics this holiday, visit your local office supply store or your local big box electronics retailer to learn about their recycling programs.

tips for avoiding post-holiday clutter

#6: Controlling Wrapping Paper Clutter

Of course, where there’s gifts, there’s wrapping paper, and there’s usually A LOT of it! Worse yet, the paper can quickly pile up on the ground, making it difficult to walk and impossible to keep track of smaller gifts.

This year, set up a big cardboard box in the middle of your living room so any time someone opens a gift, they can toss their wrapping paper into it. This will make clean up a breeze, and put an end to wrapping paper clutter.

tips for avoiding post-holiday clutter

#7: Controlling Time Clutter

Life can get extremely hectic during the holidays. From buying and wrapping gifts to planning meals to going to parties to seeing family and friends to Christmas concerts, the holidays can really take a bite out of your time. Therefore, you should look at everything you need to do and plan it all out.

Don’t forget to schedule some time aside just for yourself. You’ll need that time to regroup, rest, and re-energize. You might have to say no to some people, but that’s just something you’re going to have to do if you want to keep your sanity.


#8: Controlling General Clutter

The week leading up to Christmas is exciting for everyone, but with the people, noise, food, presents, and more, the holiday season itself can be pretty stressful. And, it is all-too-easy for your family to lose track of their usual daily routine, which can sometimes cause an increase in general clutter in the home.

There really isn’t much you can do about this, at least not until after the big day is over. After the holidays are over, have an organization and de-cluttering plan ready to be put into action.

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