Simple Tips for Organizing Your Attic

by Karianne WoodJanuary 12, 2017

Have you ever taken your holiday decorations out of the attic and after the holidays were over, there simply wasn’t any place to put them back? It’s like all the space disappeared on a vacation to Hawaii. Organizing at attic is a task that might seem overwhelming, but with a few tips and a plan…all that extra space can become much more manageable. Here are a few suggestions to help organize your attic in no time.
Organizing your attic

Sorting and purging

The first step to re-organizing your attic are colored tubs. You can purchase tubs in a variety of colors and sizes. Sometimes it’s easier to organize if you have a specific color tub for a specific purpose. For example, red tubs could be for Christmas decor, orange tubs could be for fall decor, black tubs could be for linens and so on. Another organizing suggestion might be to have specific colors selected for different members of the family.

Next, select a box to organize from your attic. Separate the contents of the box into three piles: throw away, give away and keep. Place the throwaway items into a trash bag and discard. Place the giveaway items in a bag or box and place by the back door. Then place the remaining items into the color of tub that matches their purpose.
When selecting tubs to use for this project, you want to make sure you select durable, sturdy tubs that will hold up to continued use. Tubs like this one shown above with clickable handles are also a good choice. The handles secure the tub, preventing unwanted creatures from getting into your stored items. A little preparation can prevent the tub’s contents from getting destroyed.

Continue with these steps until you have emptied all the boxes in your attic. Sometimes it is easier to set aside a weekend for a project like this, or tackle it in smaller segments of time instead. Whatever system works best for you, work at your own pace until you have an attic of colored tubs instead of a space full of unorganized boxes.


If there is a specific purpose for a box or tub, you may want to label the outside of the box with a sharpie or permanent marker. Simply write on the outside of the tub or lid what the contents of each tub hold. It’s an easy way to tell at a glance how to locate what you are looking for. If permanent markers are too permanent for your organizing system, you could add large, over-sized laminated labels to each of the tubs instead.

Organize paperwork

Many times, there are boxes of old papers and discarded forms and letters tucked away in the attic. The easiest way to organize these is with a filing cabinet and filing folders. Start with the same process you used to organize the tubs. Create three piles: throw away, call to action and keep.

Sort the papers in the boxes into each of these piles. When you are finished, shred the throw away pile, organize the keep pile into different file folders and place sticky notes on each of the call to action pieces you find for future distribution/action. Place the “keep” file folders into the filing cabinet in alphabetical order to be able to find them for future reference.

Organizing your attic will help to organize your life. Gone are the days of searching in vain for something you know you want, but you can’t remember where you put it. Simply organize your bins by color, label and find a home for all those loose papers in your filing cabinet. Here’s to an organized 2017.

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