13 Home Add-Ons For Dog Lovers

by Jonathan DeesingFebruary 21, 2017

Dog owners express their love for their animals in many ways. Some shower them in snuggles, while others provide an endless stream of new toys and balls. Some dog owners love their dogs so much they can’t help themselves from adopting more. Needless to say, for dog-crazy homeowners, adapting a home to fit your canine lifestyle may not be such a bad idea. Check out these home add-ons for dog lovers that’ll get some tails wagging.

1. Dog Window In Your Fence

If you over-empathize with your dog like I do, then you feel bad about the tiniest thing, like the fact that your pupper can only smell and hear the world passing by from behind their fence. If you’re confident that your dog won’t escape, then a dog window cut out of your fence is a great option. And if safety is a concern, you can cover the window with a clear viewing bubble!

2. Outdoor Dog Faucet

For outdoor dog owners, hot days can be very worrying. A great way to mitigate that concern is by installing an outdoor dog faucet. Activated by sideways pressure, these typically screw onto any standard hose bib and allow thirsty dogs to take a drink whenever they need it, not just when you get home to refill their water dish.

3. Backyard Doggie Pool

In some warmer climates, your dog may still get hot in the backyard even with her own faucet. A doggie pool is the perfect solution. While most people opt for the cheap option — an above-ground kiddie pool — if you want to give your pooch a more permanent lounge area, a built-in pool can be a great addition to your yard. Just make sure it’s not too deep – you don’t want your dog struggling to climb out in her old age!

4. Outdoor Dog Shower

For the messy, muddy hound in your life, an outdoor dog shower is a perfect home addition. Relatively easy to install, these offer great utility as you don’t have to battle with holding a hose or bringing a dirty dog through the house to your bathroom.

5. Dog Leash Station

A dog leash station is one of the easiest add-ons you can put inside your home. For dog owners constantly looking for a poop bag or a leash, a simple board with hooks can save serious headache. Or you can take it to the next level by adding a shelf or cubby space for treats, tags, and other accessories.

6. Toy Dog Door

If your dog is well and truly a member of the family, you can always build him his own custom doggie door. In practice, these aren’t very different from normal dog doors – they are simply a nicer-looking upgrade to the security cover.

7. Mudroom Dog Shower

While an outdoor dog shower is easier to install, if you have a roomy mudroom, an interior dog shower comes with its own advantages. These are usable even when it’s below zero outside and can give your dog a safe, warm place to dry off.

8. Bed Stairs

Hopping into your bed can be a challenge for dogs on either end of the age spectrum. A great investment, for older dogs in particular, is bedside stairs to give your dog a way into bed that places much less strain on their bodies than jumping on and off the bed.

9. Harry Potter Doghouse

Often used for storage, it’s relatively easy to convert a the cupboard under the stairs into a dog den. Especially stairs with only crawl space underneath, a dog den is a great way to utilize the space you have.

9. Wall Mounted Dog Dish

Many dog owners struggle with a splashy drinker. Mounting your dog’s water bowl on the wall is a great way to keep your floors dry. These are also convenient because your dog no longer needs to hunch over to eat and you don’t have to bend all the way over to pick up their dishes. One word of caution though – mounted dishes can be shin-killers, so make sure they’re placed away from areas with heavy foot traffic.

10. Indoor Dog Faucet

Thirsty dogs have a way of making you work to keep their water dish full. Instead of constantly upgrading to a bigger bowl, you can install a strategically placed faucet that allows you to refill the bowl with the simple turn of a nob.

11. Window Seat

There are a few reasons to install a window seat specifically for your dog: allowing them to see the world unobstructed, keeping them off the furniture, and keeping your windowsills free from claw marks. Double up and use the seat for storing dog items and you can convert a corner window into your dog’s favorite place to hang out.

12. Built in Dog Nook

Dogs love having a den to call their own, so look around your house for spaces you haven’t utilized. Small closets, kitchen islands, and unused fireplaces offer solid areas you can convert into a hiding place for your pooch.

Are you a dog lover? Do you have any sweet home modifications to make life better for your pooch? We would love to hear!

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