Behind Closed Doors: How to Create a Private Workspace in Your Home

by Alex ThatcherFebruary 24, 2017

Working From Home and Staying Productive

As today’s technology gives individuals the freedom to work from any location, more and more companies are allowing their employees to work remotely. FlexJobs, a remote work listing service, studies telecommuting trends. In their 2016 annual list of top companies for remote jobs, FlexJobs found a solid 36% increase in remote job listings from 2014 to 2015, compared to a 26% increase in the year prior.

As remote work opportunities continue to climb, the need for a private, in-home workspace is becoming a top priority for many home owners. Read on to learn how you can optimize your home to include a private and productive workspace.

Tools for Creating a Successful Home Work Environment

Outside of a typical office environment, it can be more difficult to maintain a sense of focus. If you work remotely from your home, it’s essential to remain efficient and to maximize productivity, even if nearby dishes and playing children beckon you to direct your attention elsewhere. Here are five tools to help you create and maintain a private workzone in your home.

1. Create a private workspace.

We can’t overemphasize the need to institute a private work area. Whether you have an entire room or an area marked with dividers, be sure you have a designated area that is just for working. Start setting up your individual workspace by purchasing a full-sized desk or compact folding desk to use for work. This investment will help you set up a private area to get to work.

2. Maximize natural light.

If possible, take advantage of your home’s natural light. Access to ample natural light will help keep you alert and focused on your work. When you’re thinking of where to set up shop, keep in mind that placing your desk near a window provides greater access to natural light. Pro tip: freshen up the air and enhance the natural aesthetic by adding a plant or succulent for a pop of color.

3. Streamline your clutter.

Just like any regular office, home office desks can accumulate clutter. Create your ideal in-home work space by addressing storage needs to help you stay organized. Make a run to the store to stock up on attractive trays, your favorite office supplies, and any additional storage solutions you might need.

4. Set boundaries.

Once you have your private workspace set up in your home, it’s crucial that you establish boundaries for your workspace and stick to them. These boundaries should be both spatial and practical.
In terms of physical boundaries, don’t let your workspace extend throughout your home. If you’re set up to work in an office, don’t let your work materials pass through that door. Your workspace boundaries should also apply to interactions and engagement with the outside world. If you plan to work in your home office from 9-5, let those who live with you know that when you’re at work, you’re at work and allow your work space to be a private zone.

5. Schedule time to keep your space organized.

Life is hectic, and if your home is your office, then it’s easy to sideline maintaining your workspace to get other miscellaneous tasks accomplished. But it’s important to set up a regular routine for re-organizing your office space.

Set aside 10 minutes each morning, or block out 20 minutes every Friday, to file that growing stack of papers or to re-shelve those client portfolios. Pick a time that works best for your work style and schedule; just make it a priority to stay consistent! is the place to dream and discover your ideal home! Are you starting to get the itch to look for your first or next home, but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Browse our real estate and lifestyle blog for home buying tips, mortgage guides, DIY ideas, interior design, lifestyle topics, general home inspiration, or just some homes fun. We are sure you can scratch that itch and find all the information and tools you need to help in your home search. Want to start looking at available real estate right now? Head to our home page and check out homes for sale or rent listings all over the country. Happy house hunting!

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