New Construction: What’s Trending in Smaller Cities

by Carson BuckFebruary 27, 2017

What’s Hot in Small-Town Home Construction in 2017?

Every year, new trends arise in home construction, and this year is proving to be no exception. Green technology continues to be a thriving part of the field while a post-election economy has a lot of home buyers searching for more affordable ways of getting the luxury finishes their budgets might otherwise deny.

So, if you’re looking to move into a newly built home this year in one of our country’s smaller cities, here are seven home construction trends you can look forward to.
building trends in smaller cities

#1: Energy Efficient, Yet Resilient Homes

With the dramatic changes that continue to take place with the climate, the potential for natural disasters occurring is getting ever higher. In fact, many areas are hit by storms and weather events that they previously never really had to worry about. This has resulted in builders making homes more resilient, and capable of standing up to severe weather events.

Such things as sturdier structural envelopes are more common now. And, today’s stronger homes are built using more sustainable products and energy efficient features, making them as green as possible to help combat climate change and lower the homeowner’s energy consumption.

#2: 3-D Manufacturing

If you aren’t concerned about having a home custom-built, then 3-D manufacturing now makes it possible for more affordable pre-fabricated materials to be readily available. This means homes can be built quicker and easier and with a host of innovations not available in standard building products, like glass with built-in LED lighting.

#3: Affordable Luxury Alternatives

Many new home buyers want their homes to feature luxury finishes, like stone exteriors, but their budgets can’t support it. But, today there are more affordable options that can give you the look you want at a fraction of the cost. For example, instead of an expensive stone exterior, a stone veneer can be used to help keep the cost more manageable.
building trends in smaller cities

#4: Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is all the rage. It has a charming aged look, plenty of character, and best of all, it’s very durable and affordable. Whether it’s used as flooring, on the walls, as siding, or for any other purpose, reclaimed wood is a hot commodity in today’s home building industry.

#5: More Accessible Space

As baby boomers age and their mobility becomes more limited, the need for more accessible space in homes grows. Walk-in pantries are a common request. By making the pantry walk-in, it is large enough to support someone who has to use a walker or wheelchair. Special hardware can also be used to lower and raise shelving for those who can’t reach the higher shelves.

#6: Better Outdoor/Indoor Integration

Traditional screened porches make for great additions to any home, but if you’re moving to a city in a cooler climate, then you will only have access to your porch for a few months out of the year. This is why today’s builders are incorporating better outdoor/indoor integration into their designs so “outdoor” rooms can be enjoyed all year around.
building trends in smaller cities

#7: The THOW Movement

THOW stands for “tiny houses on wheels” and it’s a building trend that is catching like wildfire in smaller cities all across the United States. These are compact homes built upon heavy duty towing trailers, making them portable and they’re especially desired among young and older Americans who want to live their lives more efficiently, with less debt and fewer material things.
building trends in smaller cities

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