Practical Tips for Hanging Just About Any Piece of Art in Your Home

by Alex ThatcherFebruary 8, 2017

How to Hang Your Art Properly

Art is not only a wonderful addition to any room, in many cases, it’s also an investment. So, like any other investment, you want to give a piece of artwork the respect it deserves. One way to show respect for your art is to hang it properly so the viewer can truly take it in. This is important for experiencing the art, as well as for improving the overall look and feel of the room itself.

Have some art you want to showcase? Here are the tips and tricks used by the pros to hang any piece of art in the home.
Hanging Art

Hanging Art Above a Sofa

Despite the fact that everyone’s “eye level” is different, this rule still applies when hanging art on a wall above a sofa. In such a case, you should hang the art about 57 inches from the floor. If it is a larger piece, then the lowest part of the art should be no more or less than six to eight inches above the sofa. Ideally, the art should be one-half to two-thirds the width of your sofa. If you have to choose between a piece of art that is slightly too big and one that is slightly too small, always go big.
how to hang any type of art

Treat a Gallery Wall as One Piece of Art

If you have a large wall that you want to use as a sort of gallery wall, then you will do best by treating it as one large piece of art instead of several smaller pieces. Start and stop the art where it makes sense. For a unique look, blend a variety of styles, like abstract, modern, watercolor, graphic photos, and more.
how to hang any type of art

Start With the Largest Piece

If you are creating a wall of art, then start with your largest piece and hang it slightly off-center. Add other pieces around it, keeping at least three inches between each piece. Avoid putting two dark pieces next to each other or two really light pieces next to each other. Make sure that the styles are scattered evenly and not bunched into groups.

Keep Color and Tone in Mind

If you don’t have a larger piece of art to serve as your display’s anchor piece, then you will want to incorporate your darker colored frames and dark-toned art closer to the center of the display. This will add more balance to the weight of the display.

Getting the Most From Your Frames

Frames can either be detailed and ornate or simple and streamlined. Simple, thin frames are best suited for grid-style art displays, whereas the more ornate your frame is, the more room you should leave around it. Ornate frames are often just as beautiful as the art they contain, so give it its due and let it stand alone so it can shine.

Create Templates to Hang Your Art

One way to get a good idea of how your art will look on the wall is to cut out cardboard pieces in the shapes and sizes of your frames. Then, position the pieces on the wall and hold them in place with painter’s tape. By taking this approach, you’ll save your wall from a lot of unnecessary nail holes, and you’ll have a visual representation of exactly how your art will be displayed.
Art can add a variety of different elements and attributes to a room. Art can be whimsical, sophisticated, inspirational, or thoughtful. It adds color, warmth, and style to a room and it serves as an excellent conversation starter. But, getting the most from your art starts by showcasing it in the best way possible. In this regard, a wonderful piece of art will look substandard when it’s poorly hung, while a simplistic piece can look like a stunner when it is hung properly.

When it comes to art, the beauty is in the details and a good portion of detail can be derived from the viewer’s perspective. Follow the tips above and you and your guests will always enjoy your art’s benefits to their absolute fullest.
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