Winter’s Kitchen: Sweet and Savory Comfort From the Home

by Alex ThatcherFebruary 17, 2017

Draw Closer to Your Home’s Culinary Heart: Winter’s Kitchen

Our homes bear witness to each season. In the summer, front porches listen to swings creaking over evening conversation on humid nights; in the winter, kitchens host families huddling near the oven for delicious smells and extra warmth.

This winter, as temperatures stay low, invite family and loved ones into your home to savor winter’s kitchen. Encourage visitors to line up near your breakfast nook or island countertop to soak up the stove’s welcome heat, and to try the first bite of your daily menu.

If you have children or curious bystanders, solicit their help in preparing the meal, as this is a great time to enjoy the season’s slower pace as you share your tips and tricks. Read on for sweet and savory menu inspiration to keep your kitchen churning this winter.

Warm Up With Hazelnut Hot Cocoa

Nothing encourages authentic and meaningful conversations like having a cup of warm cocoa in hand. This winter, elevate your kitchen by making your own homemade hazelnut milk with raw hazelnuts, vanilla, purified water, and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt.

Once you’ve concocted your milk base, heat and simmer the hazelnut milk with a touch of vanilla over the stove. Then blend the milk and vanilla base with cacao powder and nibs, raw hazelnuts, and vanilla stevia drops to taste. Once complete, cozy up in winter’s kitchen with a familiar face to delight in the soft warmth of your home.

Share a Meal of Curried Carrot Soup

Winter’s kitchen becomes a place for people to congregate in your home, and a large part of the draw is the aroma of dinner a’cooking. And fewer winter dinner items bring a stronger sense of warmth than a hearty bowl of soup.

This winter, envelop your kitchen with the scents of curried carrot soup. Start by gathering the necessary ingredients: a sliced onion, cloves of garlic, peeled carrots, olive oil, chicken stock, curry powder, and your added seasonings of choice.

With a little stove-top patience, your home will start to fill with fragrant wafts of curry. Indulging in this soup is easy: you’ll find familiar comfort while maintaining peace of mind that you opted for a healthy, savory dinner option.

Blending Sweet and Savory in Winter’s Kitchen

While the hot cocoa may be delightfully sweet and the curried carrot soup is refreshingly savory, winter’s kitchen also draws on balance. With that in mind, you can enjoy a perfect pairing of sweet and savory in your home this winter by cooking with winter squash.

For those who may prefer something sweet, caramelize winter squash to enhance the ingredient’s natural sweetness and then add it to a gratin or a frittata. To maximize the savory notes in squash, opt for something simple. Top a bed of rice with sautéed squash (combined with onion, garlic, olive oil, tomato, carrots, and fresh herbs) to create the perfect winter, savory snack.

Celebrate Community in Your Winter Kitchen

Whether you gravitate towards simple, winter soups or flamboyant, rich desserts, winter’s kitchen churns out some of the year’s best recipes – and best moments, too. As people escape the cold and gather in your home, bask in the warmth that emanates not only from the stove, but from the company of those who draw near.
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