5 Studious Cities for College Professors

by Jonathan DeesingMarch 23, 2017

For many professors, teaching college is the realization of a lifelong goal. Days filled with reading, researching, and sharing that knowledge with thirsty minds is the dream of the most studious among us. Many professors arrive at their school chasing a number of things – research, grants, or funding. But for those with the luxury to choose where they live and teach, several cities offer a plethora of benefits for college professors.

While many college towns host schools with great work environments, larger metros offer increased school choice and therefore more competitive salaries, not to mention additional big city amenities. Here are five cities college professors would love to teach in.

1. Boston, Massachusetts

Home to some of the oldest and most storied universities in the country, Boston offers a multitude of opportunities for professors. With a dozen universities within walking distance of each other, Boston rests at the center of some of the greatest legal, mathematics, and research minds in the world. The city is a hotspot of higher learning and its variety of teaching options make salaries extremely competitive – Harvard and MIT rank 4th and 9th respectively for average professor salary among all U.S. universities.

2. Los Angeles, CA

Palm trees, Hollywood, and over 100 institutions of higher learning in Los Angeles County alone – what’s not to love? Professors in LA enjoy the same breadth of opportunities as Boston, but with none of the snow. Many campuses in LA offer a small town feel within the larger metropolitan area, which will appeal to professors used to living in a college town. World class institutions like UCLA, USC, and Caltech regularly produce life-changing research and technologies. If you spend most sabbaticals at the beach, LA can make your entire tenure feel like a vacation.

3. Tempe, AZ

For those that like it hot, Tempe is a great option. It’s no surprise that a city that boasts 330 days of sunshine was named the best college town in America by Livability in 2016. Bordered by Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Mesa, Tempe provides quick access to a variety of metros and their dozens of universities. Arizona State University is a central hub for the city, offering art, culture, and of course, higher ed. Faculty at ASU love where they work – the university boasts a 4.3-star rating on Indeed out of 435 reviews.

4. Houston, TX

This capital city is the also the capital of America’s energy industry and boasts some of the best health institutions in the country. Home to the University of Houston System, the city offers a number of quality institutions to choose from. Houston’s Rice University has the 15th highest average professor salary in the country and Baylor University was recognized in 10 different categories by the Chronicle of Higher Learning‘s 2016 Great Colleges to Work For survey.

5. New York City, NY

You’ve probably figured out by now that big metros are great for college professors, so it should come as no surprise that New York is on our list. NYC attracts talent from across the globe so it makes sense that the city’s colleges offer some of the most competitive salaries in the nation. Columbia and New York University both offer average salaries in excess of $190,000, and Rockefeller University has the highest paid professors in the country at an average $218,000 for 9 months. New Yorker professors enjoy the incredible amenities NYC offers and have a multitude of campuses to choose from within the CUNY and SUNY university systems.

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