Obsessed With IKEA? Why Not Just Buy This Home?

by Jamey MortonMarch 30, 2017

If You’ve Ever Thought About Living Inside an IKEA…

Whether you love IKEA for its streamlined design, its gender equality practices, or its heavenly Swedish meatballs, chances are you’ve thought about what it would be like to live inside your local IKEA. While the sales associates won’t let you stay the night atop one of the store’s MALM beds, if you’re obsessed with IKEA, this is the home for you.

This unique 18th century Brooznoll estate is the closest thing to IKEA that you’ll find in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania – and we think you’ll love it. Read on to learn more about what makes this historically rich estate as delightful as IKEA.
1639 E Street Road Glen Mills, PA 19342

Cohesive Design

One of the home’s most stunning features is its cohesive design. Much like IKEA, a store where 99% of the items reflect a unified design ethos, this 4,111 square feet Brooznoll home has Zen-like atmosphere throughout. Partially furnished, this historic Brooznoll home offers modern amenities and a Scandinavian design aesthetic.

Stunning vaulted ceilings create a unified, open feel throughout the home. New details also contribute to the home’s homogeneous effect, as the entire residence received new cedar and metal roofing, as well as floor to ceiling windows.
1639 E Street Road Glen Mills, PA 19342

Smart Layout

IKEA is marketing-savvy, as the store’s layout guides you through the whole space to get to the checkout lines, thereby showing you all their merchandise. The 1639 East Street Road residence is equally smart, as each room flows seamlessly into the next.
The main level is an open-concept space, and on the second level you’ll find additional bedrooms and a stunning master suite. Accessed by a private staircase, the master suite boasts an en suite bath, a cozy fireplace, and a spacious seating area.

Additionally, this historic home is smart in its design, which is perfect for entertaining. With multiple 18th century fireplaces, three patios, and a heated in-ground pool, the home is perfectly suited as a private retreat or a hot spot for entertaining.
1639 E Street Road Glen Mills, PA 19342

Scandinavian Minimalism

According to Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA’s founder, since its inception, IKEA has strived to allow “people with limited means to furnish their houses like rich people.” Minimalism and thrift are common threads throughout IKEA’s culture and design.

Likewise, this beautiful home models streamlined, Scandinavian minimalism. Clean, slate floors are stark and bare, allowing custom wood furnishings and natural light to shine as the home’s focal features. Natural wood and a restrained color palette throughout the home also contribute to an overall sense of calm.
1639 E Street Road Glen Mills, PA 19342

A Tried and True Kitchen

Swedish meatballs, cinnamon rolls, ice cream, full entrees – what’s not to love about IKEA’s kitchen? Similarly, the kitchen of this historic home stands out as one of the best features inside.
The details are immaculate, as you’ll find a 120-year-old black soapstone sink, an oversized hub with a fireplace and seating for those who want to watch the kitchen’s magic, and ample space for cooking. Adjacent to the visually dazzling kitchen, enjoy your meals in a rustic chic dining room, complete with a large fireplace.
1639 E Street Road Glen Mills, PA 19342

Price Tag

Unfortunately, this home doesn’t come with an IKEA-style price tag. But the $800,000 listing price does buy a historically rich 300-year-old home on nearly an acre of land. If you can afford it, don’t delay. Check out the full listing details here on Homes.com.
1639 E Street Road Glen Mills, PA 19342

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