6 DIY Floral Arrangements for May Day

by Alex ThatcherApril 26, 2017

Celebrate May’s Blooms With a DIY Floral Arrangement

Spring’s blossoms are in full swing and with June just around the corner, it’s time to embrace the beautiful foliage and blooms in your neighborhood. May Day is the perfect time to celebrate the growth and joy of the current season, and the season to come, with a DIY floral arrangement.

Whether you scavenge your May Day bouquet flowers from your garden or from a local flower shop, welcome the start of the month with a DIY floral arrangement. Need inspiration? Look no further, homes.com is here to help you craft the perfect DIY floral arrangement for May Day.

DIY floral arrangement for May Day

1. DIY Mini May Day Bouquets

Spread the joy of May Day by crafting sweet, mini DIY bouquets. Comb through your garden to collect an assortment of small flowers, and follow this tutorial to find out how to wrap the buds with tissue paper and cello wrap to great a May Day gift. Inexpensive and straightforward, this May Day floral arrangement is sweet and simple.

DIY floral arrangement for May Day

2. Tried and True May Day Bouquets

Share the joy of the season by creating a May Day bouquet for a friend who lives nearby. For some families, it’s tradition to leave a May Day floral arrangement as a thoughtful gesture on a neighbor’s front porch. Gather the essentials, a mason jar, a paper bag, and bright florals such as tulips and veronica, and follow along to craft a DIY May Day arrangement.

DIY floral arrangement for May Day

3. DIY Wildflower Bouquet

Beautify your May Day brunch table with this stunning wildflower bouquet. Wildflowers are understated and unpretentious, the perfect May Day detail to add to your event without unnecessary fuss and distraction. If you have 10 minutes and an inkling to pull a few flowers from your garden, you can adorn your table with the perfect May Day florals.

DIY floral arrangement for May Day

4. DIY May Day Teapot Bouquet

Swap out your average flower vase this May Day with a tea pot! The idea is a bit unconventional, sure, but a teapot bouquet transforms an everyday household item into a beautiful vessel for seasonal blooms. DIY enthusiasts will love this wreath tutorial from Bonnie Eng; her ingenuity will have you wondering what else you could use to hold your May Day florals.

DIY floral arrangement for May Day

5. Lavender Bloom Bouquet

Another beloved symbol of May: lavender. If the words “aromatic,” “delicate,” and “whimsical” fit with your tastes, then a lavender floral arrangement is the perfect May Day detail to add to your home. We can’t help but fawn over the sweet simplicity of this lavender bouquet featured on Julie Banner’s entertainment and design blog.

DIY floral arrangement for May Day

6. A Spring Wreath Made to Order

While May brings myriad colors and hues to your yard, sometimes it’s okay to stick to one color choice. Lovely Indeed shares a simple DIY floral tutorial using yellow ranunculus and craspedia to create a perfect May Day bouquet. A simple monochromatic DIY floral arrangement is a stunning focal piece if you’re eager to add a seasonal statement to your home.

DIY floral arrangement for May Day

Create the Perfect DIY Floral Arrangement This Season

While a May Day floral arrangement is a small gesture, it’s a conscious effort to embrace the season ahead. Whether your May Day bouquet is a surprise gift for a neighbor, or it’s a table centerpiece for a May Day brunch, a seasonal DIY floral arrangement is the perfect touch.

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