Beauty and the Beast Comes to Life: Castles Fit for Belle

by Sasha CarterApril 6, 2017

Beauty and the Beast Castles You Can Call Home

This weekend, the new live-action Beauty and the Beast film has inspired a surge of Beauty and the Beast mania throughout the nation. As the new film raked in an notable $170 million at the box office — toy companies, memorabilia producers, and even real estate agents are capitalizing on the film’s popularity.

For Disney, this means producing limited edition collectibles, but for homeowners, the new Beauty and the Beast presents an opportunity to list castles fit for Belle. With Beauty and the Beast criteria in mind, we’ve found a couple of castle-style homes that reflect opulent edifices akin to the Beast’s estate.
30717 120th Ave E Graham, WA 98338

Seeking Refuge in a Castle Estate

In Beauty and the Beast, the castle home is inspired by the grandeur of French Chateaus, particularly the Palace of Versailles. If you’re looking for a home that mirrors the chateaux-style opulence of Belle’s new home, look no further than this secluded Washington Castle.

As a Bavarian-style estate ensconced in a forest, this castle has all the makings of a Beauty and the Beast set. Secluded on a private 20-acre land parcel, this castle home was inspired by visits to over 200 castles.
30717 120th Ave E Graham, WA 98338

Enter This Enchanted Home… If You Dare

As you approach the gated entry, you’ll find stone statues guarding the castle – not unlike the impressive gargoyles that hover over the Beast’s estate. Inside, you’ll find 18-inch thick walls, 5 floors, two turrets, a spiral staircase, and a myriad of collectible medieval items including a candelabra, cups, and other familiar Beauty and the Beast castle residents.

While you won’t find a trapped Maurice, you will find a dungeon and a castle cellar in this home. Complete with a moat and a medieval “village” of outbuildings, you won’t be surprised to learn that this home has been featured as a castle in multiple movies.

For $600,000, we think this castle is not only fit for Belle, but also fit for any other medieval enthusiast ready to call a castle home.
30717 120th Ave E Graham, WA 98338

Live in Grandeur at This Palatial Idaho Estate

Boasting an even grander, more fantastic setting, this Idaho castle is on par with the Beast’s estate. Set in Boise, Idaho, this castle may not offer an isolated reprieve from a provincial life, but it does present an extraordinary residence.

This 5,845-square foot home is designed with fairy tale caliber perfection. What the house lacks in animated household objects, it makes up for in modern amenities. Designed in decadence, the home boasts geothermal radiant heat flooring, iron gated entrances, Idaho sandstone walls, portcullis, towers, and one of a kind details throughout.
1700 E Warm Springs Boise, ID 83712

Drawing Ties Between Film and Reality in This Castle Home

In the new Beauty and the Beast, key inspirations also included Wies Church in Bavaria. In this castle estate, you’ll find similar Bavarian architectural details resembling the film.

The lowly lit hallways appear dark and sinister, much like the Beast’s West Wing. In case of an angry town mob, head to the rooftop terrace to find torchlights, a fire pit, and a turret overlooking the courtyard and foothills beyond.

Whether you will find a wilting rose is still to be determined, but we are confident that this home is fit for royalty.

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