Clock Tower in San Francisco Turned Home for Sale

by Jamey MortonApril 6, 2017

There’s No Time Like the Present to Live Uniquely

San Francisco’s real estate market is known for its interesting homes. From funky to innovative to historic, the city is filled with homes that make you stop and look, and then look again. But, of all of the homes for sale in this hyper-progressive city, arguably the one that most fully encapsulates San Francisco’s unique nature is the Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower Penthouse sits high above San Francisco’s trendsetting South Park neighborhood where it remains the most visible and historic clock tower in the city. If you have ever wanted to live in a home that’s as timeless as San Francisco, now is the time to do it. The Clock Tower is on the market for the first time since being offered to the public nearly a quarter century ago.
You’ll find this utterly unique property located at 461 2nd Street. Or, if you’re in the South Park neighborhood, just look up!
461 2nd St The Clocktower San Francisco, CA 94107

More Than Your Average Clock Tower

San Francisco’s Clock Tower Penthouse is not your average clock tower; in fact, it is nothing if not extraordinary. This stunning two-bedroom, two-bath property also comes with an expansive living area, which is added on to the tower itself, as well as an enormous wrap-around view deck that offers uncompromising views of the city skyline. But, hands-down, the crown jewel of this home is the top three adjoining levels of the clock tower, including the interior of the famous tower and the “Clock Room” itself!

With its open floor plan, rich brick interior, massive clock faces and time-keeping machinery, the Clock Room serves as the perfect setting for any get-together. The lights that illuminate the clock faces provide ample lighting in the space without it being too overwhelming for guests. There are even a few clear panes of glass on the clock faces where you and your guests can sneak a peak of the city.
461 2nd St The Clocktower San Francisco, CA 94107

Spend Time With Friends and Family in Style

Below the Clock Room is a spacious room for entertaining. Complete with a billiards table, pinball machine, a dart board, and plenty of seating, this part of the home provides ample opportunity for unwinding or hosting a casual party. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide an elegant backdrop that never gets old.
461 2nd St The Clocktower San Francisco, CA 94107

A Home Office With a View

The next floor down in the clock tower is beautifully equipped to serve as the ultimate home office. There is plenty of space to fit two work spaces, floor-to-ceiling bookcases, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Few offices in San Francisco can match the stunning view from this room.
461 2nd St The Clocktower San Francisco, CA 94107

Unwind in This Remarkable Family Room

The ground floor of the clock tower makes for the ultimate family room thanks to its beautiful brick walls, exposed iron beams, and floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Like the other rooms above it, the family room also boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and an expansive open floor plan that you can customize to your tastes.

The clock tower’s family room also opens up to the dining room and kitchen in the extended living area. Whereas the rooms in the clock tower are bestowed with a rich, historic feel, the extended penthouse is modern in design with neutral colors, clean lines, and minimalist tones.

This trend continues to the posh sitting room complete with fireplace and otherworldly views, the luxurious bedrooms, and the sexy and streamlined bathrooms.
461 2nd St The Clocktower San Francisco, CA 94107

The Patio, Oh The Patio

As if the iconic clock tower and the penthouse aren’t enough to warrant the $6.25 million listing price, this home also comes with one of the most envied rooftop patios in San Francisco. The expansive wrap-around view deck serves as the ideal spot for hosting, especially whenever the Giants win and fireworks explode over AT&T Park.
461 2nd St The Clocktower San Francisco, CA 94107

Enjoy a Timeless Life in San Francisco’s Most Historic Timepiece

If you have been looking for a home in the San Francisco area that is truly out of the ordinary, then your search ends here. This iconic clock tower home is a genuine one-of-a-kind property and that’s exactly the type of lifestyle you can expect by living here.
Need more time to think about it? Just look at the pictures. This home is not going to be on the market long, After all, the clock is literally ticking!
461 2nd St The Clocktower San Francisco, CA 94107

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