Home Decor Trends: Incorporating Floral Patterns

by Maria SalovaApril 27, 2017

Bold floral patterns have been trending, and they are a great addition to your home décor not just for spring, but for all seasons. Bold florals help make other patterns pop, while complementary patterns help floral patterns pop in return. Depending on the type of floral pattern, you can give your space a more modern appeal or a shabby chic look which gives a more romantic feel to any room. Floral patterns are most popular for the living room, but have been rising in popularity for bedrooms and even kitchens. Below, we have a few examples and tips on how to include floral patterns in your home.


Start out light if you are hesitant about bringing in bold floral patterns by adding accents, such as a throw pillow. Bold black stripes help bring out the floral pattern, while the small vase with flowers accents the pillow to create a floral environment that isn’t overwhelming.




Rugs are also a great way to add floral patterns to your space and they are easy to switch out. Floral rugs are a great way to bring color to your space. Based on the colors you see in your rug, you can find matching or similar color accents to add to your space. These other accents could be vases, lamps, pillows and more, and they can also have different patterns.



Take it a step up by adding a piece of furniture that has a bold floral print. Use the same concept in finding complementary accents for your space as previously mentioned with the rugs.


For a shabbier chic look, add floral patterns in softer colors such as those on the couch below. These softer shades add a romantic touch to your home decor.


Add wall art to complement the bold and bright colors of floral patterns. A simple abstract painting can help tie in all the colors in addition to adding extra accents, such as a vase with roses.


Bedroom Floral

Add floral to your bedroom space by incorporating floral patterns into your pillows and duvet. The examples below show off a modern look as well as a rustic look by incorporating floral into the space.

10_bluebellgray source



If you really love the idea of floral, consider floral wallpaper that represents you and your family. Some floral prints can be relaxing, while others show off a quirky personality, such as the kitchen below.



Let your family’s personality shine through with floral décor. Here are some inspirational accents you can add to your space.

Floral-Decor-Collagewall art, fashion, patterns, chair, side table, vase, pillow

Floral décor is especially becoming popular for spring and summer, because it gives a space a fresh look inspired by gardens. Add a little bit of spring and summer into your home by incorporating floral décor!

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