How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt to Remember

by Alex ThatcherApril 7, 2017

Creating the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt This Year

While Easter egg hunts are often organized for children and youth, a true Easter egg hunt caters to the young at heart, as well. Whether you’re on the ground searching for eggs, in the trees hiding festive treats, or behind the scenes orchestrating the whole event, an Easter egg hunt is a fun, inclusive all-ages event that everyone in your group of friends or family can enjoy.

If you’re new to hosting Easter, or you’ve never facilitated an egg hunt, is here to help. We’ve put together a list of Easter egg hunt tips that will help you organize an egg hunt to remember.

Establish the Time and Date for the Hunt

The key to any great event: clear details. Logistics can make or break your event, so be sure to decide the date, time, and location of your egg hunt well in advance. Here are a few event day details you’ll want to consider before you send out event information:

  • The date. Are you going to incorporate the egg hunt into a family gathering, or are you planning to invite a broad array of guests? If you’re planning a neighborhood egg hunt, consider hosting the event the day before Easter to allow your guests to spend Easter Sunday at other family gatherings and events.
  • The time. Ample daylight is key, so be sure to host your egg hunt ether in the late morning or early afternoon.
  • The location. If you’re planning to host an outdoor Easter egg hunt, make sure you have a suitable back up plan in case the weather proves difficult. If you’re willing to try your luck for an outdoor egg hunt, consider whether your own backyard or a nearby park is the best place to host your event.


Consider Your Crowd This Easter

One of the best ways to host a memorable Easter egg hunt, is to involve as many of your guests as possible. For starters, consider the different age groups that will participate in your egg hunt. If you have both younger and older kids, create separate “egg hunt zones” for each age group.

For smaller kids, place eggs in visible locations that aren’t too far out of reach (although a few difficult eggs are always engaging). And for the older group, get creative with where you hide the eggs; go for obscure spots like inside magnolia blossoms, behind gutters, or atop car tires.

Engage adults too, whether they’re in charge of hiding the Easter eggs, snapping photos, or participating in the egg hunt, their involvement will make your egg hunt unforgettable.

Get Creative With the Easter Egg Hunt Prizes

What motivates participants to make it a friendly but competitive egg hunt? Stellar prizes, of course! While most of us would scurry around a yard to collect eggs with candy, take your egg hunt to the next level by incorporating cool prizes into your egg hunt. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Hide “golden eggs” throughout the yard. Designate one or two eggs as “golden eggs” that contain cash instead of candy. Searching for a $10, $20, or even $50 will certainly motivate those participating in your egg hunt.
  • Go beyond candy. Your plastic eggs scattered throughout the yard can contain anything you deem praiseworthy. Coins, toys, scratch tickets – anything is fair game.
  • Include an ultimate prize. Whether it’s for the participant who collected the most yellow eggs, total eggs, or even the least, have a cool prize waiting at the end.


Set Yourself Up for Success

To ensure smooth sailing and a memorable egg hunt, there are two more things to consider before the event: making a list and setting boundaries. It’s a helpful tool to have a list of all the places you will be hiding Easter eggs for kids to find. Whether you use it to direct struggling seekers to not-yet-found eggs, or to recover eggs before they spoil, a list will come in handy.

Setting boundaries for your hunt is equally important, especially if you’re hosting the egg hunt at a home. Before the egg hunt begins, take time to mark off any areas that are “out of bounds.” Clear boundaries not only protect pieces of your home, but also help keep everyone safe and confined within a manageable area.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to planning an egg-cellent hunt this year!
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