Why Bright Interiors Are In-Style This Spring

by Alex ThatcherApril 17, 2017

How to Brighten Your Home This Spring

Every home has its own aesthetic. Some spring for bold patterns, while others opt for understated neutrals. But if your home design seems stale, and you’re ready to change up your home’s interior, here’s what you need to know: bright interiors are definitely in style this season.

If you want your home to be in vogue this spring, incorporate saturated, bright colors into your home design. Read on to learn how you can add brights to your home on a budget.
add bright colors to your home

Bright Colors Ease the Seasons’ Change

Bright colors are more than a home design trend, they’re a tool to help you transition from winter to summer. As you enter spring, the outside world becomes alive and energized with the anticipation of summer. Mirror this change in your own home by adding bright shades throughout your space. As you bring color to your home, you’ll warm up to the idea of summer ahead.
add bright colors to your home

Why Bright Is Right for Spring

If spring’s sun and blue skies leave you feeling inspired after a neighborhood walk or time spent outdoors, why not add those bright colors into your home? Adding bright colors to your home sustains those euphoric feelings you experience in nature.

In fact, one of the easiest ways to add bright accents to your home is to take inspiration directly from your favorite outdoor spaces. Wander through your backyard, or a neighborhood garden, and take notice of which flowers are in bloom. Bring the bright orange of poppies or the vibrant red of tulips into your home with a fresh floral print.

Whether you switch out your bedroom linens or you splurge on a statement furniture items, bright floral patterns add creativity to your home. Not big on florals outside the garden? Search for abstract patterns that hold the same bold colors and find decorative pillows or an area rug to add bright colors to your home.
add bright colors to your home

More Reasons to Love Bright Colors This Spring

If you aren’t quite sold on the idea that bright is right for your home design this season, here’s another reason why bright interiors are in style: bold colors create the illusion of space. Savvy designers and real estate agents attest that vibrant color schemes go beyond adding to a home’s charm – bold colors actually sell, too.

Longtime real estate agent Dana Berry shares that tinted colors, in particular, are effective in getting a house ready to go on the market. She claims, “summer sales will soon ramp up, and I encourage current homeowners to add warmth and depth to their homes with brights. It adds space, and creates an immediate at-home feel that buyers can’t resist.”
add bright colors to your home

Go Bright This Spring

Whether you’re getting your home ready for a summer listing, or you’re ready to embrace spring’s presence, bright interiors are a must. This season, add bold strokes to your home’s interiors by swapping deep tones for bright hues.

Whether you have a large budget to invest in new home furniture, or you’re working within a tight allowance, remember that event small accents make a noticeable difference in energizing a tired space!

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