Why Mint Green Is Trending This Spring

by Alex ThatcherApril 12, 2017

Mint Green: The Season’s Newest “It” Color

While neutral color palettes outlive temporary trends and fashion fads, it’s hard to turn a blind eye to interior design trends. In today’s magazine and Pinterest-saturated world, it’s easy to identify and latch on to seasonal home design trends. This spring, mint green is trending as the season’s “it” color – and here’s why.
mint green interior design trend

Going Green: Honing in on Interior Design Trends

It’s official: mint green is trending in home design this season. On a recent Today Show segment, Architectural Digest design guru Amy Astley shared the most recent trends in home decor. She claimed, “the go-to color of 2017 is green.” Astley offers a creative perspective, and she suggests adding the color to unexpected places in your home, like closets and cabinets.

We couldn’t agree more. As we transition out of winter, green is a crisp, welcoming color that will visually signal the change from a dark, cold season to a new time of growth.
mint green interior design trend

Why We Love Cool Shades of Mint Green

Why mint green, specifically? Traditionally, pastels aren’t favored in contemporary design. Mint green, however, is a notable exception. According to design writer Chelsea Clark, “this cool shade of green is a more grown-up trend than the pinks, blues and lemons that tend to dominate those lighter schemes.”

Mint green marks a departure from trite and hackneyed color schemes and shows a foray into bright and refreshing hues.
mint green interior design trend

How to Add Mint Green to Your Home This Spring

This winter has marked a particularly dark and dreary season, making the need for invigorating home design touches even more important. Luckily, mint green is the perfect antidote.
This spring, add mint green to your home by thinking outside the box. Here are a few of our favorite ways to signal the new season with mint green.

  • Add accents in unconventional places. Remodelista suggests going bold and adding a mint green bathroom sink to your home. Gazing at this soothing color while you wash your face and start your morning hygiene routine? Yes please.
  • Swap out small appliances. Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to a green wall or a mint colored fridge, but what about the smaller things? We love West Elm’s Smeg toaster – it’s the perfect pop of color to keep your kitchen trendy.
  • Make a statement. If you are ready to revamp your home’s interior with mint green, spring for colorful kitchen cabinets. Blogger Ludmila Crigan-Mihajlovi shares what mint green kitchen cabinets can add to a bland kitchen space, and we couldn’t be more in love with the result.

mint green interior design trend

Staying Current With Today’s Color Trends

Here’s they key: commit to trends in small ways. Opt for wall paper instead of paint; choose a mint green throw blanket instead of a couch color in vogue. Keep this tip in mind as you look for little ways to make big statements with mint green in your home this Spring.

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