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5 Ways to Welcome New Neighbors

As someone who recently moved into a new home, I can’t overstate the positive impact of being welcomed by friendly neighbors. From a purely logistical standpoint, moving is an intimidating, daunting prospect, and those stresses are compounded by the emotional worries of whether or not you will love your new neighborhood as much as your last, and if your family will feel at home in your new surroundings. The good news is that neighbors who share a friendly gesture of kindness can do so much to ease that burden! Today, I’m sharing four very easy ideas to welcome new neighbors into the neighborhood fold.


Say hello.

This is the simplest possible gesture, but it can often have the most impact. As we unloaded our truck on our recent moving day, two of our neighbors made it a point to stop by to welcome us to the street, something we appreciated so much. A friendly hello lays the groundwork for a sense of neighborhood camaraderie that will hopefully grow and blossom over time.

Stop by with a sheet of important phone numbers.

As a mother of small children, one of the things that was to most difficult about our recent move was having to invest so much time into tracking down phone numbers for utilities, new schools, new doctors and the like. Putting together a list of these go-to phone numbers will take a seasoned resident a minimal amount of time, but it will save a new neighbor precious time (and frustration!) as they get settled into their new home.

Drop off food.

The last thing anyone living in a maze of cardboard boxes wants to do is prepare a meal, so food is honestly the most helpful item that can be offered in the first week or two after new neighbors arrive. If your time is scarce, even dropping off a couple of frozen pizzas will suffice! Other more elaborate food items to consider are one-dish casseroles, breakfast items like muffins and coffee, or a plate of homemade cookies.

Help with the dishes.

And no, this doesn’t mean invading their personal space! In the midst of the hustle and bustle surrounding a move, dishes and utensils can be really hard to come by. Invest in a pretty set of paper plates and napkins, along with some plastic utensils, and then drop these off at your new neighbors’ home. They will be ever so grateful!


Recommend ways to socialize.

Getting out and about is a crucial part of getting established in a new community, as I shared in my post about ways to connect with a new city or town. Round up menus to your favorite local restaurants and entertainment venues, and place them all together in an envelope so they can refer to them when they feel like getting away from unpacking for a while.

Welcoming new neighbors into the fold is a great way to encourage a strong sense of community in your neighborhood, thus improving the quality of life for all. Do you have any helpful ideas for welcoming newcomers to the neighborhood? Feel free to add to the conversation in the comments below!

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