A Renters Guide to Temporary Improvements

by Christine DemosMay 19, 2017

Give your rental pizzazz with these quick and easy temporary enhancements

If you’ve made the decision to rent versus buying, then you know that there are limitations when it comes to decorating your rental space. But don’t let those limitations, such as painting; stop you from turning your residence into a home. We’ve assembled fantastic ways to improve your space that are temporary and perfect for a rental or anyplace you’d like to change up without a commitment.

Temporary Wallpaper

We’ve written about this before in our Accenting Walls with Temporary Wallpaper and Fabric article in which we show you how temporary wallpaper (yes, there is such a thing) can really liven up any space. This material is great to use for those little spaces that need an impact but nothing overwhelming, i.e. back of bookshelves or pantry. Head over to our other blog for manufacturers who make temporary wallpaper.

temporary wall paper1 / 2 / 3

Tile Tattoos

It sounds just like the name, little tattoos or cover-ups for your tile. Did you just move into a space with atrocious title? Add some flair with tile tattoos from Mibo. There are plenty of options for anyone’s taste with fun animals, modern circles and great colors to help make the space match you! The adhesive can be easily installed and removed and is expected to last for years. Talk about a temporary fix.

Mibo Tile Tattoos

Wall Decals

Not a new thing to hit the market, but one that still makes decorating easy. Tons of retailers have this quick and easy decorating solution, including Target and Etsy, for you to select one that fits your personality and decorating style. Additionally, with wall stickers being temporary you are able to take off the sticker if you adhere it crookedly or want to move it to a new location!
bird wall decal

Adhesive Hooks

Especially if you’re living in an apartment or dorm room where putting holes in the wall are frowned upon, adhesive hooks are the answer to your organizational needs. Do you have a robe or bath towel that’s always on the floor? Use adhesive hooks to keep it off the ground and at easy access height for use. You can also use these hooks to hold your necklaces, purses, scarves and so much more! Command makes fantastic adhesive hooks which come in a variety of styles and finishes to match your decorating tastes.


Carpet Tiles

If you’re an HGTV fanatic, you’ve probably seen these used a lot. Carpet tiles are easy to put together to add color and comfort to any space. If you have carpet that’s seen better days, get carpet tiles to make an area rug big enough for the room. Carpet tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns that’s sure to marry your personality with function.

carpet tile

Shelf Paper

Want a little of you in every nook and cranny of your rental? Or do you just want a pop of color in unexpected places? Shelf paper will do the trick. Again, not a new item to hit the market but manufacturers such as Chic Shelf Paper has reinvented the material with modern patterns and colors. Patterns such as damask, geometric, floral, contemporary circles and more in beautiful colors will make your drawers pop when you or anyone else opens them up!

shelf paper collage
So there you have it, six ways to temporarily enhance your home, whether it’s a rental or not. Everyone wants to spruce up the place where they live; after all, home is where the heart is. Why not decorate it to make the heart sing!

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Happy house hunting!

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  • August 29, 2012 at 4:12 am

    Fantastic decor ideas! I especially like that birds-on-a-tree one over the bed. I remember when wall decals first came out into the market they were mostly small, but I love it that we now have designs that can decorate entire walls. When you’re renting, stick-on and peel-off is the best way to go.

  • August 6, 2013 at 9:36 am

    Great ideas! I particularly like the idea of lining drawers and shelves…nothing like color in unexpected places to bright up a space and make it your own!

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