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by Alex ThatcherMay 11, 2017

The Hottest Home Searches in April 2017

As the complete resource for the real estate market, collects a wide array of data. One area of information that fluctuates wildly is the locations where potential home buyers are searching for homes online withing the environment. With that in mind, here are the top 5 most searched-for home locations up to and including April 2017.

#1: Dundee, Illinois

Dundee is made up of East Dundee and West Dundee, and it was the most searched-for location with a remarkable 204% increase over the previous week. Dundee is located in Kane County and it is popular among searchers for a variety of reasons, one being its proximity to Chicago. The community is also young, with a median age of 35.

In Dundee, the housing market is relatively stable and its economy is, as well. Home buyers can find an excellent selection of homes here at a wide variety of prices, making the community accessible for just about any budget. For instance, this beautiful four-bedroom home in West Dundee has been completely renovated and is move-in ready at a cost of just $234,900.

#2: Brandon, Manitoba

As the second largest city in the province of Manitoba, Canada, Brandon is a major trade and commerce hub for the Westman region, parts of southeastern Saskatchewan, and northern North Dakota. Brandon is located in the Canadian Prairies along the Assiniboine river, so it is very popular among those looking for a more natural and peaceful quality of life.

With a 218% increase in searches, it comes in as the second-hottest location for the last week of April 2017. The province’s popularity is being driven by a strong inventory of homes priced just right, like this three-bedroom home. It’s a practical home with enough space for a modern family, and it’s priced at just $279,500.

#3: Cranberry, Pennsylvania

Cranberry is this week’s surprise with a 100% increase in searches over last week. This little town in Cranberry Township has seen its population jump from just 15,000 in 1990, to more than 28,000.

Cranberry is situated at the intersection of two major Interstate highways, making it easily accessible from any major point in the area — and it’s less than a half hour’s drive from Pittsburgh.

Home prices are also very low here, which is a big reason why the number of searches for Cranberry properties has seen such an increase recently. For instance, for just $80,000 you can buy this spacious four-bedroom, three-bathroom home!

#4: Lethbridge, Alberta

Lethbridge is the largest city in southern Alberta, Canada and over the last week, the city has seen a 24% increase in searches on The reason for this area’s popularity have to do with the fact that it is home to the core of southern Alberta’s commercial, financial, transportation, and industrial industries.

Unlike much of Canada, it also enjoys warm summers and mild winters thanks to its proximity to the Canadian Rockies. While home prices in Lethbridge are largely moderate, there are some exquisite homes for sale here, like this interesting property. With five bedrooms and four baths, it is as spacious as it is unique; at a cost of $1.2 million, it has a price tag to match.

#5: Fort Hood, Texas

Fort Hood is a U.S. Army post that’s actually located in Killeen, Texas where it serves as the largest military base in the world by area. Located equidistant between Austin and Waco, this region makes up part of the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metropolitan area.

Fort Hood had a huge 933% spike in searches over the previous week during April of 2017. Whether that is due to military members being relocated or home buyers having an increased desire to live somewhere open and warm is anybody’s guess, but there’s no denying that Fort Hood is one of the hottest home locations at the moment.

Another possibility is Fort Hood’s low housing prices. You can get a showstopper of a home like this 2,200 sq. ft. four-bedroom home for under $215,000.

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