How to Keep Graduation Parties Low-Stress Events in Your Home

by Alex ThatcherMay 17, 2017

5 Simple Tips for Taking the Worry Out of Your Grad Party

Ask any parent and they’ll agree that the words “children” and “stress” typically go hand-in-hand. And, one of life’s moments where the two words really collide is during a child’s high school or college graduation. Not only is there a lot of pressure on parents to host the perfect grad party, but parents also put a lot of the stress on themselves. This is mostly because they worry about everything from making sure everyone is having a good time, to ensuring their homes don’t suffer outsized post-party damage.

With graduation season looming, we wanted to help out parents by sharing some of our tried and true tips for hosting a stress-free graduation party. Here are five things you can do to help keep the worry at bay during your child’s graduation party this summer.
host a stress-free graduation party

#1: Set the Date Early

The last thing you want your child to have to worry about is his or her friends having to choose to attend their party or someone else’s. So, pick your party date well in advance so your child can secure guests as early as possible via in person or over social media. This will also enable you to book any caterers or entertainment you want for the day before their calendars get too filled.
host a stress-free graduation party

#2: Develop a Solid Grad Party Plan

Unless you’re planning a surprise party, you should include your graduate in the planning of their party. From the theme, decorations, and tableware to the food and music, you should have everything planned out before you start implementing things.

Another thing you will want to account for is the weather. If you are planning on holding the party outdoors and rain is suddenly in the forecast, have a backup plan ready to go so the party can still go off as planned.
host a stress-free graduation party

#3: Keep Options Simple

A graduation party is not the time to provide each and every guest with their own food and drink options. Keep things simple by offering a few different soda choices (including diet and caffeine-free) and bottled water, for example. Keep your menu simple as well by serving some type of pasta, hot dogs, chicken, and a few sides.

If your child has a friend with dietary restrictions or allergies, you will have to take their needs into account, but by and large, those foods will usually suffice. The same thing applies to your desserts — make it a low-stress situation, and keep it simple.
host a stress-free graduation party

#4: Create a Fun Photo Station

Kids these days can’t get enough of photographing themselves. So, one way to add some fun to your grad’s party is to create an interactive photo station. Place a bucket or box filled with all sorts of funny costumes and gag items next to a decorated sheet (for the backdrop), and the kids will be lining up to take their photos. It’s a great way to commemorate the day, and by asking everyone to share their photos using a special hashtag, you might even get your party trending on social media!
host a stress-free graduation party

#5: Focus Only on the Parts of the Home Your Guests Will Be Using

Before a party, it’s not uncommon to run through the entire home to make sure everything is spotless. This is often where parents place a lot of unnecessary stress on themselves.
Remember, your child’s friends are visiting to have fun and to spend the afternoon with their friends. For this reason, your bedroom, closets, and cabinets don’t need to be spot on. Focus only on the rooms where your guests will be. This will give you more time to focus on implementing your party plan and ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch.
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