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How to Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers

Are you having difficulty selling your home? Try these ten tips from the experts for making your home more appealing to buyers.

10 Tips for Making Your Home More Sellable

Selling a home isn’t always a sure thing. With so much inventory on the market, a home needs to really stand apart from the crowd if the seller wants to draw the attention of buyers. The last thing you want to do is have a messy, congested home when it comes time for your agent to host an open house or to schedule a showing.

The trick to making your home more appealing to buyers is to make it as clean and neutral as possible. You want the buyer to be able to imagine themselves living in the home, and nothing will help you achieve that goal better than the following ten expert tips.

more appealing to buyers

#1: Get Rid of the Clutter

Nothing distracts buyers more than a bunch of clutter. It’s all they focus on and that means that they’re not seeing the potential your home offers. So, the first thing you need to do is to completely de-clutter your home.

more appealing to buyers - declutter

#2: De-Personalize the Home

Even though your home is still technically your home until it sells, you should remove any personal touches. For instance, if you have a lot of family pictures on the walls, you should take them down. Or, if your child’s room has a personalized mural painted on the walls, you should paint over it.

This goes a long way toward the buyer being able to envision themselves living in the home. They can’t do it as effectively if all they see is your family everywhere they look.

more appealing to buyers - depersonalize

#3: Paint Everything a Neutral Color

Paint color is another way homeowners personalize their homes, but not everyone has your sense of taste or color preference. So before putting your home on the market, be sure to apply a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint on the walls.

more appealing to buyers - neutral colors

#4: Update Your Lighting if Necessary

Lighting can change the feel and tone of a room, so if your lamps are outdated, replacing them with more modern ones will help. Buyers don’t want to feel like they’re looking to buy their grandmother’s house.

more appealing to buyers - lighting

#5: Address Any Pet Issues

If you have a dog or cat, odds are your home probably has stains, odors, or both. These can be serious deal breakers for a lot of buyers so you will definitely want to address these issues.

Remove any stains and get rid of any odor-causing issues. You will also want to make plans to remove your pets during the times your home is being shown to buyers. The same concept applies to smoking odors and stains.

more appealing to buyers - pet issues

#6: Make Minor Repairs

Minor problems can stick out like sore thumbs, and if you think buyers aren’t going to see that loose bathroom door or chipped kitchen tile, you’re wrong. Before listing your home, take time to fix any minor problems in and around your home. The less problems your home has, the more appealing it is going to be.

more appealing to buyers - minor repairs

#7: Give the Home a Thorough Cleaning

Just as with clutter, dusty tables, a sink filled with dishes, and dirty toilets and bathtubs will seriously detract from your home’s appeal. You should always ensure that your home is in show-worthy shape while you are trying to sell it. After all, your Realtor could call at any time to request a showing for a buyer.

more appealing to buyers - cleaning

#8: Have Your Home Inspected

Yes, it is the buyer’s responsibility to have the home inspected if they want to buy it, but you should have one performed prior to selling it so you can be aware of any potential issues that could prevent it from selling. The more you know, the better off you will be.

more appealing to buyers - home inspection

#9: Enhance Your Curb Appeal

The first thing buyers see when they arrive at your home is its exterior. So, you want to make it as inviting as possible. Clean up any debris in your yard, keep the grass mowed in the summer and the walkways clean in the winter. Power-wash the mildew or dirt from your siding and clean out the gutters. Plant some inviting flowers and just clean everything up.

more appealing to buyers - curb appeal

#10: Listen to Your Real Estate Agent

Before you choose a real estate agent to list your house, you should thoroughly research their reputation and results. You want the best one you can find. Then, once you make your pick, you should trust their advice when they give it. Your agent is well-versed in what buyers look for and what turns them off, so if your agent makes a recommendation to you, you should probably take it.

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