Tiny House Living Is All the Rage in Texas

by Carson BuckMay 24, 2017

Living Very Small in a Great Big (Lonestar) State

Over the past decade, tiny homes have risen in popularity across in the country. And while the west coast continues to dominate the tiny home market, Texas has emerged as yet another trending tiny home destination. In liberal, urban areas, including cities like Spur and Austin, tiny homes have taken definitely hold.

Let’s take a look at how the tiny homes phenomenon has planted roots down in Texas, through the eyes of experts in the local market.
tiny home living in Texas

Texas Is One of the Best Places to Build a Tiny Home

According to Ecobuilding Pulse, Texas is one of the top five places in the United States to build a tiny house. Why? For starters, the city’s supply of resources, the number of builders, and the types of ordinances are highly conductive to building tiny homes. Ecobuilding Pulse states that Texas ranks third in the top states for tiny homes, thanks to the state’s easy-to-work-with permitting and zoning opportunities.

Texas City Government Supports Tiny Home Construction

Local commissioners and builders are also advocating for tiny homes in Texas, which is contributing to the rise in popularity. The city of Breckenridge is a prime example.

After locals approached the city commissioner to amend city zoning laws to be more tiny-home friendly, City Manager Andy McCuistion championed the charge to adopt a new ordinance. For McCuistion, the change made sense, claiming that, “we think that’s a good thing for the city.”

tiny home living in Texas

Lifestyle Benefits of Tiny Homes in Texas

Beyond practicality, tiny home devotees argue that the choice to live small is about so much more than being smart about city housing regulations or saving money; instead, it’s really all about a lifestyle change.

Laura Berry, a resident of Austin, Texas shares that “tiny homes make sense here. So much of life in Austin is outside your home, in the open markets, at the bars, concert venues… the city is your living room here, tiny home lifestyles push you really get to know the city – and that’s a good thing.”
tiny home living in Texas

Staying Up to Code for Texas Tiny Home Building

While Texas allows for and supports the construction of tiny homes and accessory dwelling units, it’s important to be aware of the problems and obstacles that tiny home builders face. First, permitting and housing regulations vary by city.

In Austin, if your tiny home stays under 200 square feet, then you don’t need a permit unless you require plumbing. In the city of Spur, “any tiny house that features wood or metal framing, flush toilets connected to city utilities, and electrical work properly done, is welcome.”

But other cities and counties are not as liberal with tiny home zoning rules. So before you start drafting plans for your tiny home, research local codes and regulations for building tiny homes in whatever Texas city you plan to reside.

Get a Taste of Tiny Home Living in Texas

Are you curious to see what it’s like to live in a tiny home community? To understand the holistic benefits of living small in a big state, be sure to visit Spur: the nation’s first tiny home friendly community.

According to the city, Spur is a quintessential old west town that welcomes those who are ready to pioneer a new way of life by living small. This tiny house friendly community celebrates small structures, claiming that “tiny houses in small towns yield even more freedom and offer a unique opportunity to regain a sense of community and self sufficiency.”

If you’re ready to cut costs and experience freedom under the blue Texas sky, visit Spur and start planning for your dream tiny home.
tiny home living in Texas

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