Live in Las Vegas Just Like Phyllis McGuire of The McGuire Sisters!

by Jamey MortonMay 25, 2017

The Home of Legend Phyllis McGuire Is Quirky Deluxe

Strange takes a whole new turn in the McGuire Sisters’ Las Vegas home. The McGuire Sisters, a musical trio once known for their “sweet harmonies, identical outfits and hairdos, and synchronized body movements and gestures” are beloved ladies of the ‘50s.

And while people may have expected zany fashion or extraterrestrial dance moves, it’s unlikely anyone could have guessed just how strange the Vegas home of Phyllis McGuire could be. Curious? Read on to sneak a peek at the oddities and treasures that can all be yours, inside Phyllis McGuire’s quirky Vegas home.

Sincerely, This House Is One of a Kind

Phyllis McGuire’s Las Vegas home is truly unrivaled in its strange nature. The bizarre home features a gamut of collectibles that range from a replica base of the Eiffel Tower, a room of chairs and globes, a soda shop, and memorabilia shrines. The home is so particularly designed to Phyllis’s personal taste that it’s difficult to envision the home without scenes of cabaret dancers or lounge singer intrigue.

Whether or not you can envision living in this 28,000 square foot mansion, the McGuire sister’s home is worth studying for its immaculate representation of a time and era when Sin City was a glamorous playground for Hollywood’s most elite – and most scandalous.

Phyllis McGuire is even purported to have been involved in an affair with Mafia boss Sam Giancana, a man who was famous for his supposed connections to Frank Sinatra and the Kennedy family. If you can’t get enough of old world Hollywood/Las Vegas drama, take a look and imagine what trouble must have ensued inside this stunning celebrity mansion.

Transport Yourself to a World of Hollywood Mischief in This Las Vegas Estate

Unlike any other estate of its kind, Phyllis McGuire’s Las Vegas home is as flamboyant as the trio’s outfits. Complete with a cabaret lounge, a few grand ballrooms, and multiple bars and parlors, this home is equipped to suit a full house audience.

Much like the sisters themselves, the home dazzles its audience with a show in international flair. In this home you’ll find a replica of the Arc de Triomphe that accompanies the 45 foot Eiffel Tower model, ostentatious chandeliers from Bombay, and architectural details that nod to grand cathedrals and palatial estates of European royals from a bygone era.

“Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite”

While the lounges and stages throughout Phyllis McGuire’s home stand on their own, most of the drama in this celebrity estate happens “backstage.” Explore the rest of this wild home, where in the master bedroom you’ll find four closets spacious, each large enough to be their own rooms! In each of the two dining rooms, you’ll find an adjoining kitchen for chefs to prepare magical feasts.

Beyond the home itself, the estate also includes two stately swimming pools, a tennis court, a detached billiard room, and sprawling gardens – a perfect place for exchanging secrets.

“Something’s Gotta Give”

If you think this home is too good to be true, don’t forget to take a look at the cost. Luxury definitely comes with a price, and this indescribable estate is no exception. With a $6.5 million dollar price tag, it’s safe to say this home will choose its next audience carefully.

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