Why Single Family Homes Are a Target of Urban Density

by Carson BuckMay 10, 2017

Pros and Cons of High Density Urban Single Family Homes

One of the standards in the housing industry has been a steadfast focus on urban areas predominantly being made up of multi-person dwellings, while suburbs and rural areas were traditionally made up almost entirely of single family detached homes. But, in recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the country’s urban sprawl.

Today, high density urban infill incorporates more single family homes than ever. The question is, why? And the reason why single family homes are becoming so popular in the infill of urban areas is essentially tied to five key trends. Read on to learn more now.
single family detached urban home

#1: Re-prioritizing Life’s Necessities

All over America, there is a movement going on in which homeowners are showing a renewed interest in living within their means and according to what’s most important to them. This serves as the basic fundamental for the popular “tiny home movement.”

However, even homeowners who don’t want to take such an extreme approach are still scaling down their material possessions and choosing to live more compactly and efficiently. Single family detached homes in an urban setting allows them to accomplish this because builders are building as many as 14 detached homes on a single acre of land in urban environments.

#2: Environmental Consciousness

Building homes in rural areas or on the fringes of a suburb can take a toll on the environment, especially when you consider the fact that water and power lines, cable service, and other modern amenities need to be run to the building sites.

But, by building single family homes in urban settings, all of these services are already there, so no upheaval of the land is required. It’s better for the environment, as well as for those looking to minimize their carbon footprints.
pros and cons of high density urban single family homes

#3: Shorter Commutes

Today, people want to live closer to where they work because a lengthy commute means less time to spend with their loved ones or to unwind after work. Plus, there’s the ever-present uncertainty over rising gas prices to think about. Living closer to work is not only better for families, it’s also better for bank accounts.
pros and cons of high density urban single family homes

#4: Reduced Development Cycle

As the urban sprawl makes its way into the suburbs, it enables builders to take advantage of pre-existing infrastructure. This allows builders shorter development cycles, and lower development costs.

#5: Walkable “Main Streets”

Urban infill makes it possible for many suburban areas to be reinvigorated by turning the community’s “main street” into a walkable restaurant/retail/entertainment corridor. This makes an area more attractive and convenient for those looking to move into a family-friendly suburban setting, while still enjoying easy access to stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.
pros and cons of high density urban single family homes

Challenges of Single Family Homes in High-Density Urban Settings

Of course, for those interested in purchasing a single family detached home in an urban area, there are some things to consider because the home is going to have different attributes than one located in a more open suburban setting.

For starters, an urban single family home rarely has a dedicated driveway. Parking is almost always on the street. Similarly, they often do not have private enclosed back yards or sidewalks. And, the alleys tend to be much narrower than the streets.

These can be challenges for someone who wants the traditional single family home. But, if you’re interested in owning a single family detached home in a high-density urban environment, you’re going to find a growing selection to choose from in the years ahead.
pros and cons of high density urban single family homes

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