10 Sustainable Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

by Alex ThatcherJune 26, 2017

Revamp Your Curb Appeal With Style and Sustainability!

Curb appeal can either enhance or ruin the first impression that a prospective home buyer has about your home. When your home’s curb appeal is on point, it will invite home buyers in and show them that the rest of the house is just as good as the outside. The good news is that achieving great curb appeal can also be eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable at the same time.
When it comes to enhancing your home’s curb appeal, there are quick and easy fixes and more exhaustive overhauls that you can perform. Things like recycled house numbers can provide a light lift, while making the switch to solar panels on the roof can dramatically improve curb appeal. Either way, your house will look great from the street and have a more positive impact on the environment. Read on for more great ideas!


Use Eco Friendly Paint on Your Door or Porch

As the focal point of your house, the front door has the potential to make or break your curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the way your entryway shines through to the street. Opt for a pop of color to allow your entryway to welcome home buyers in, and make sure to use a paint with low or zero VOC, or volatile organic compounds. Behr and Benjamin Moore both have good options.


Use Recycled House Numbers

Updating your house numbers is an easy and cheap way to rejuvenate your home’s curb appeal. Instead of opting for brand new numbers from an overpriced home goods store, consider scouring etsy or pinterest for house numbers made from recycled steel or other metals that have an aged look.

You can also make your own house number using drift wood or recycled two by fours, and Shades of Blue has a great tutorial for those looking to get crafty as they refresh their home’s exterior.


Install Exterior Lighting

Outdoor lighting works to illuminate your home at all hours of the day. A path or patio outlined with low voltage lighting will help neighbors and homebuyers feel safe and welcomed into your home.

Solar powered lights are an eco friendly solution to your lighting needs, as they spend the day soaking up the sun’s rays and then channel that energy into warm light when the sun goes down. Eco City Solar lights are easy to install and look sleek during the day and at night.


Plant Drought-Tolerant Plants

Nothing says “I care about my house” quite like a well landscaped yard. But it can be difficult to find plants and shrubs that look lush and welcoming while not guzzling water and running up the bills. As it turns out, some of the most beautiful and striking plants don’t require much water at all, and therefore are the perfect addition to your eco friendly front yard.

Portulaca have a gorgeous peach colored blossom and flourish in hot, dry environments. Herbs like lavender and rosemary also have beautiful blossoms without requiring much moisture–and they smell delicious! Check out Birds & Blooms for a list of drought-resistant flowers and plants that will instantly catch a homebuyer’s eye.


Update Porch Furniture

Dirty or outdated porch furniture is an instant eyesore in front of your home. But instead of shelling out tons of cash for brand new furniture, consider hitting a thrift shop for easily renovated finds. For starters, thrifted wicker can be made to look brand new with that leftover paint you used on the front door.

If you want to opt for something new, go for furniture that has been sustainably sourced like Crate & Barrel’s regatta teak collection, which works with the TFT, a nonprofit organization that advocates for sustainable forest management.


Prune Your Hedges and Mow the Lawn

Simple yard care efforts can go a long way in improving your home’s curb appeal. Overgrown hedges, shrubs, and grass can make your yard look cluttered and unwelcoming. An evenly mowed lawn and some clean-shaven shrubs will do wonders for your home’s appearance.


Replace Gutters and Downspouts

While rain gutters and downspouts aren’t the most noticeable thing from the street, durable gutters add value to your home and give it that extra “something” that a home buyer may not be able to put their finger on. A long-lasting material like galvanized steel won’t break down after years of wear and tear, so think of it as an investment in the sustainability of your home.

If you want to go that extra mile, then consider installing a rooftop catchment system, which channels rainwater into barrels — and then you can water your plants with it! Learn more about harvesting rainwater and turn your gutter into an asset.


Install Window Boxes

Window boxes are a great way to add a pop of color to your home’s exterior. You can coordinate the flowers with the accent colors of your front door and shutters to give your home a sense of color continuity. Be sure to keep up with the flowers and consider using native plants in order to maintain your eco friendly curb appeal. DIY Network has a great step-by-step tutorial on installing the right window box for your home.


Solar Panels

In the age of sustainability meets practicality, sustainable home choices always improve the appearance of a home. Solar panels on your roof will show your neighbors and potential home buyers that this home is an investment in the global future. Depending on where you live, solar panels can bring you exponential savings on energy bills — and that looks good from any curb.

Before installing solar panels, make sure you do some research into your home location, as sun exposure is an obvious ingredient in effective solar energy. Energysage is a good resource when looking into the details and specifics of solar panels.

Clean Up Your Walkways

Cracked pavement or chipped stones on a walkway can be dangerous and unsightly. An updated walkway to your house will lead homebuyers right to your doorstep. Add an eco friendly twist by using a sustainable material for your updated walkways, like recycled rubber or salvaged wood.

If you aren’t ready to invest in a whole new walkway, just give the one you already have a good scrub down with an eco friendly cleaning product or a mild detergent like Charlie’s Indoor Outdoor Surface Cleaner.


Reinvent Your Home’s Exterior to Welcome in Homebuyers

The outside of your house is the first thing that neighbors and home buyers see. Grab their attention and show them that the outside of your house is well maintained; they will enter your home already feeling like they are in a liveable sanctuary. These eco friendly curb appeal tips will have home buyers anxious to check out your house.

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