5 Unique Backyard Parties to Throw This Summer

by Alex ThatcherJune 9, 2017

Ready to Become the Ultimate Party Hosts of the Season?

With the onset of summer comes the excitement of longer days spent out in the sun, enjoying the warm weather until late into the night when the sun goes down. Even if you’re a little tight on cash this summer because you just bought your dream home or have an amazing vacation planned, a fun, themed backyard party this summer is always within reach.

Summer parties can be a great way to meet your neighbors as you make a splash in your new neighborhood. Whether you’re celebrating the hot summer days or warm clear nights, a child’s birthday, or just want a classy party complete with food and drink specials you’ve been dying to try out, Homes.com has just the party for you.
summer party ideas garden party

Japanese Garden Party

Start by tracking down some origami inspiration online or from a book that’s easy for adults and kids. During this themed party, you’ll sip sake as you celebrate International Sushi Day on June 18th. Your guests can help decorate your backyard Japanese Garden with little bonsai trees and paper decorations, like flowers that will last well into the summer months without wilting away. If you really want to go for the gusto, hire a sushi chef like Chelsea Pellegrino suggests in her blog post to teach your guests, or just relax, eat and drink the night away.
summer party ideas sushi

Luau-Themed Summer Party

You don’t have to live on an island to throw a Hawaiian island party in your backyard, complete with piña coladas, hula grass skirts, ukulele tunes, a pool, fresh flower leis, and even a complete roasted pig. Keep in mind that roasting a whole pig takes about a day of preparation, and a whole day of roasting. This Instructable article has 20 easy to follow steps to your backyard island party’s main event and course.
summer party ideas luau

Black and White Dinner

Forget black tie events and all white themed parties; black and white are both classic and go better together. Your guests will thank you as they get dressed for your unique backyard party since chances are they have the perfect items to wear already.

Make it a semi-formal event with food, music, and drinks that revolve around the theme, like the Beatles black and white Revolver album. The Punchbowl has great ideas for delicious drinks that go beyond the basic rum and coke, from chocolate martinis to white Russians and mudslides.
summer party ideas black and white

Star Gazing

If you don’t happen to be in the narrow path of totality for the solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017, don’t fret, you can still throw an awesome backyard camping and star gazing party that’s fun for the whole family. Make sure to get a good fire going, set out the citronella candles, and have fun setting up tents for your kids and guests for a night with the stars. Pick a night without a moon to see more of the Milky Way as you roast s’mores and tell camping stories all night long.
summer party ideas star gazing

Kid’s Block Party

Life is not always fun and games, but your kid’s summer blockbuster party definitely should be. Treat them to a party they’ll never forget and rent a bounce house, then be sure to invite all your neighbors and their kids. This type of summer party could easily spill out of your backyard, with cornhole on the front lawn, pin the tail on the donkey on your front porch, and piñatas in the garage. Be sure to include old fashioned interactive games and try out badminton or volleyball for the parents, too.
summer party ideas block party

You’ll Be the Hit of the Summer Party Circuit!

If you want any of these themed summer parties to work, you’ll have to plan accordingly. While kids may be out of school, adults still have work and other engagements to attend to, so be sure to send out the invitations well in advance and include details for what to expect or bring.

It may take a lot of work to get the party started, but it’ll be a heck of a lot more fun than having a fancy dinner at a downtown restaurant and going dancing afterwards!

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