7 Add-ons for Waterside Homes

by Jonathan DeesingJune 23, 2017

Nothing says summer quite like splashing around in the water. And whether it’s on a lake or the ocean, no good home on the water goes unappreciated in summer. If you’re one of the lucky few owners of a lake or beach house, your summer is probably already packed full of weekend visits and house guests. That being said, if you have a free weekend or two, maybe you should consider adding one of the following crazy home add-ons to make sure yours is the hottest house on the water this summer.

Outdoor shower



After a day on the lake or the beach, a shower is mandatory. If you don’t want your floors to consist of a fine layer of sand, an outdoor shower is a great option. It doesn’t take more than a hose bibb and a faucet and you can easily add a shower for rinsing off to just about anywhere on your house.

Double decker dock



The easiest way to make your deck twice as cool is to double it. Beyond providing shade for your boat (hot leather seats and bare thighs don’t mix), a second story for your dock gives you a relaxing place to hang out on the water. Oh, and it’s the perfect place for an awesome water slide.

House to lake slide




As long as we’re talking about slides, have you ever considered a slide leading directly from your home to the water? If not, I guess the only question remaining is why?

Boat chandelier


If you have a canoe rotting by the side of your lake house, repurpose it! A power washer, drill, and some light fixtures can transform that old eyesore into a quirky chandelier.

Boat bookcase



Another wonderful way to re-purpose a retired sloop is as a bookcase.

Rope banister



If you want to stick with the boating theme, you can always spice up your home design with a charming rope banister. Just make sure to pull the rope tight so it actually functions!

Things you can do with oars






And finally, there are just about a billion things you can do with oars. From a headboard to a curtain rod, oars are an excellent way to make sure you never forget you’re relaxing in your lake house.

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