It’s Virtually Impossible to Understand Who Would Buy This Massacre of a House

by Jamey MortonJune 15, 2017

Ever Lived in a Haunted House? Now’s Your Chance

Okay, it’s debatable whether or not this house is really haunted, but you’ll probably want to see it to judge for yourself. The house at 709 Michaelmas Avenue in Cayce, South Carolina, for sale now on, seems to have a bit of a shaky, untold history that has ghost hunters and thrill seekers alike talking about supernatural tenants and weird backstories.

From the outside, the house looks normal enough. Sure, it needs some yard work; but so do many homes that have been on the market for a few months, right? The flowering hedges and stone exterior give this home a quaint appeal, perfect for home buyers looking for a little country getaway (with or without the ghosts).

Step Inside This Spooky Mystery Home

As you enter the home, keep in mind that the listing clarifies that this home is sold “as is,” meaning no repairs and no clean up. The great room on the main floor has a fairly large hole in the ceiling, so consider this as you factor in renovation costs.

Although the hole in the ceiling is an eyesore right now, there is great potential for installing a fun fireman’s pole or skylight to the second floor! The windows let in lots of light and the water damage on the wood floors gives the whole room a swampy charm.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

The backyard is complete with a rustic fire pit and an abstract sculpture. Imagine installing your own 3D art to create an austere sculpture garden in the backyard! The laundry room comes complete with a washer and dryer, despite them being buried under a pile of cardboard boxes. The boxes most likely come with the house, perfect for the inevitable moving day clean up and storage scramble!

Mysterious Unnamed Tenants Abound

The listing mentions some mystery tenants who live upstairs, and will come with the house along with all of the damage and garbage scattered around the property. They have never paid rent and no security deposit is being held. The listing actually says, “Yes, it does not make sense, please don’t bother asking.” Maybe these cryptic tenants are ghosts, or maybe just rodents – there’s only one way to find out!

There is also a backyard cottage, complete with two bedrooms, one bath, and a kitchenette. This home has lots of potential to lease, with three separate units that have all been leased in the past.

Take A Chance With This Fixer Upper

At the low price of $130,000 for a home just over 2,600 square feet, there’s practically no reason not to invest in this cryptic property. Whether you’re looking for a property to conduct your seances and gather with ghosts, or a property that can become your hobby as you invest time and money in renovations and updates, this house is the perfect fixer upper and a great conversation piece. Shall we draw up a contract?

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